The Editor: How to make your own scenarios

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The Editor: How to make your own scenarios

Post by Dave » August 17th, 2003, 7:15 am

I have released a very basic map editor which allows you to design your own maps.

The editor is available at

This editor does not have a windows binary available at this time, and will probably require some effort to compile with VC++. I may make a windows binary available at a future time.

To install:

- put editor.tar.gz in the source directory of the distribution
- unpack it using tar xfzv editor.tar.gz
- go into the directory and make as normal. There is a Linux binary included.
- to run it you MUST have your cwd as the wesnoth directory. Type ./editor/editor data/maps/mapx

(where mapx is the number of the map you want to edit).

Once you have edited a map, you will have to open the map as a text file and add starting positions yourself, using '1' for the first side's starting position, '2' for the second side's starting position and so forth.

The editor currently only supports map editing. To actually create a scenario complete with the different sides, dialogs, etc, you will have to look in the data/scenarios directory and look at the existing scenarios to see how you're done.

If there is serious interest in people making their own scenarios etc, I will consider trying to greatly improve the scenario-making process. I will admit that making scenarios is currently rather difficult.


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