Grand Portrait List - 2020 update

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Re: Grand Portrait List - 2020 update

Post by egallager »

Kylix wrote: January 8th, 2021, 11:10 am Abhai should be an Aragwaith, according to Revansurik. Before that, I thought he was a drake or an orc.
I didn't think the Aragwaithi were mainline though?
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Re: Grand Portrait List - 2020 update

Post by Edwylm »

concerning the Northern Rebirth portraits, from the list it is suggested that the story should be rewritten. Its kinda thrown in the air that the current NR will be changed and some characters might not be/or new characters will be in the rewritten portion.
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Re: Grand Portrait List - 2020 update

Post by Odium »

As long as Talin and Zlex are still part of the ride, I'm hyped for the rewrite
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