Should the 64 bit build work?

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Should the 64 bit build work?

Post by Jabbakie »

Hi all,
I got the 32 bit build to work using instructions here ... 96#p660696 ...I tried then the 64 bit. it also works but the resulting .exe has many dependencies missing...should the 64 bit build work, or are there many opens source libs with no 64-bit dlls available? Asking so I don't burn time on a non-suported config. I can post missing DLLS list if anyone asks.
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Re: Should the 64 bit build work?

Post by Pentarctagon »

It should be 64-bit by default actually - that's why the dependencies listed at ... / all have x64-windows in the name. There was just today a couple of new dependencies added however, so you may need to get those first as well.
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