A Friendship Tested

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Re: A Friendship Tested

Post by tribes55 »

Tarcil wrote: October 17th, 2020, 9:54 am I really enjoyed the campaign and found it very good. Only the turn limit was very challenging. Maybe 5 more turns would do it in many scenarios, especially in the scneario where you defend the dwarven city. The last scenario was very good with the decisions that need to be make. Especiall the Ram riders looked very good, but they didn´t move. They could attack but couldn´t move. I think thats a bug?
Hey, I'm stoked to hear that you enjoyed the campaign. I'll look at the turn limits again. Thanks for the feedback-- it's difficult for me to assess turn limits when I've played through it so many times. To elaborate, did you mean that they cannot move, or that they have no attack animations (the ram riders)?

By the way, did you find the humor associated with them? :)
Edit: I looked into it, the movement thing should be fixed. Sorry about that
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Re: A Friendship Tested

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so be it, -> So
every man you can -> can.

The 'Go Here' icon doesn't disappear once you find Locket.

You might have given Locket too much gold. Calling a retreat when you are about to kill the enemy leader is not very credible.

A couple of my allied units have a 'loyal' marker but not the loyal trait.

might just succeed -> succeed.

The timezone around the fires is questionable. It's not daytime, it's at most nighttime with some light (aka dawn/dusk).

are grateful -> are grateful.

It would be nice if you knew in advance how many units you can take with you.

If you equip Squid before Gandfal speaks with Dulatus, the scenario objectives get stuck at 'Reach Dulatus'.

The Annalist isn't loyal.

Hamel -> Dulatus

Is turns running out really not a losing condition here?

Why do I have income?

I defeated the orcs in S4, but the story text says that I'm abandoning the gate and that I have to expect orcish pursuit?

Landfal demands upkeep.

persuit -> pursuit
Narge's -> Narg's

It's honestly a bit weird that there are Hollians on the field defending the Great Hall, but none of the dwarves I left with them.

Two of the entrances are named 'Eastern Entrance'.
None of the other entrances are named. :(

There is one Orcish Archer on the Trolls side.

had some gold -> gold.

Dindermif was there when the Orcs offered to leave if you ignore them? When? (I did not take him with me to the north.)

Dulatus Blackhand has been renamed to Dulatus. Is that intentional?

When Angrithang joins you, he says that he overheard Lockets talk with Dulatus. Doesn't he mean Gandfal?

Why did you remove Lockets 'loyal' trait? And apparently you changed his overall traits as well.
And you gave him in previous scenarios 1 MP less than a normal Shadow Mage? :O

Ganfdal demands upkeep.

Squid is using a bow. Attacking with a bow animation. Why would anyone think that he threw a rock at the orc?

My understanding was that they want to travel north. On the world map you showed them traveling south instead.

When occupying your first village (any village works), you trigger Snyders.
Actually, literally moving anywhere triggers him.

Soooo. The story said that 'advanced' dwarvish units would with me. But apparently you wiped all of my dwarvish recalls. :(
And that means it makes no sense at all for you to place Gandfal on the keep, he can't recruit or recall anything.

Snyders is missing the 'loyal' marker.

Send south for reinforcements! Walks off into the East...

is finally dead -> dead.

Turns run out is missing from the scenario objectives.

The scenario is named 08_Troubles, and the save acronym is AFT-08 instead of AFT.

You didn't heal/unpoison all the units after S7 ends, when I recalled Snyder he was still poisoned from last scenario.

Nogak, Angrithang have a silver crown but are not mentioned in the scnario objectives.

Turns run out is missing from the lose conditions.

Ekimgorf is missing the 'loyal' marker.

Ekimgorf, Nogak, and the loyal Orc Grunt were not autorecalled. :(

Locket says twice that you are supposed to keep your eyes peeled.

The scenario is named 09_A New Home, and the save acronym is AFT-09 instead of AFT.

Litch -> Lich

envil -> evil

They are talking as if I'm supposed to have heard of Rayocn before, but it's the first time he was mentioned.

Once I defeat Rayocn *he* says that I should die and take the darkness with me. I think the unit killing him should say that.

The scenario is named 11_The Great River Dilemma, and the save acronym is AFT-11 instead of AFT.

I'm now able to recruit more Rogue Mages? Why?

Gandfal, I'm behind -> Locket

Finished the campaign.
AFT-Saving Locket replay.gz
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