Is ghoul poison really poison?

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Is ghoul poison really poison?

Post by Wayirr »

I have had a discussion with another Wesnoth player. My opinion is that ghoul's "poison" is really infection, rather than actual venom. It has same game mechanic as poisoned thrown knives and other similar stuff though, so separate weapon special wasn't introduced.

Also since this infection does not turn people into zombies, this is a different kind of infection from zombie plague ability.

My reasoning is based on the fact that ghouls apparently don't take any special measures to poison their claws, since they don't have enough intelligence to carry a bottle with poison or something like that unlike orcish and human assassins. And since this feature occurs naturally, there is question, where it comes from? Venom glands are fairly complex biological structures and they are unlikely to appear without specific effort put to add them there, and I don't think necromancers would care about it when they make regular ghouls.
But we know from the lore ghouls tend to feast on the dead bodies which are not necessarily fresh. So I think this is the reason why their claws produce ill effects on damaged units.

Also, Wesnoth is set in middle-age like time period. So I think that people there are not likely to know about bacteria and infection, so they will still call it poison if they see wounds from ghoul claws get inflammation and wounded person becomes ill.

What are your thoughts? Do you think ghoul poison is poison, infection or both?
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Re: Is ghoul poison really poison?

Post by doofus-01 »

I think it makes sense to just assume it is essentially bad hygiene. They claw through the bowels of some opponent, then they claw at you, and there is some infectious disease that gets passed on, like cat-scratch fever. They never clean off their weapons, unlike any other fighter, but they are (sort of) living, moist, and warm, unlike most other undead. Sometimes it's best not to overthink these things.
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Re: Is ghoul poison really poison?

Post by lovecrafts-cat »

it could be like botulism,an infection that the microbes make a toxin,
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Re: Is ghoul poison really poison?

Post by inuyasha35 »

it could be the same terminology as blood poisioning, that it's Really an infection but we call it poison
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