[Loose Idea] Online campaign creator/maker for wesnoth?

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[Loose Idea] Online campaign creator/maker for wesnoth?

Post by shevegen »

So ... I recently thought a bit how to attract people to
wesnoth AND add more campaigns.

- How about an online-campaign creator?

With that I mean that people could just begin to create
a campaign in their browser.

Now, there are some problems here, but let's ignore them
for a moment.

People could play the game in the oldschool way but
could just work on their campaign without having to
know ANYTHING about the internals, including WML.

The idea here would be that this could ideally also
allow for collaborative editing. Meaning, say, 6
people come together to design stuff for a campaign,
text, story, events, you name it. And they could
see it directly within the campaign as-is.

So they could build it up collaboratively.

Evidently there are some big loops here. We don't
have an online editor I think. This one is the
biggest problem. :)

It's also probably quite a lot of work, and whenever
it is too much work, it's hard to go. So perhaps
it could be a lesser task - we have a map creator
in wesnoth, so perhaps we could first see whether
we can do an online map creator too. Perhaps even
WASM may help; I know too little to evaluate.

One advantage of the above could be that it is
easier to get people to contribute to the game,
as the threshold level (entry barrier) is
lower. Changes made can be saved and edited
by other folks.

I understand that git and github is a bit like
how I described, but I really mean this as
SIMPLE to use for LOTS of people. Git is not
exactly trivial to use. Neither is WML by the
way; lua is also not necessarily simple.

For advanced components people may still have
to use e. g. lua and so forth, but for the
basic parts, in particular storyline and so
forth, that could all be made online.

Any comments on this? Perhaps it is too early
to think about it but I want to look at this
in like 3 years and see whether it was a good
or bad idea.
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Re: [Loose Idea] Online campaign creator/maker for wesnoth?

Post by lhybrideur »

AFAIC I think you can't build a decent campaign without WML as you need it to set up events.
So it might make your idea are to set up.
There are ways to do that anyway.
You could make event black-boxes. Like moveto event with dialogs in them, or unit spawn.
But it will only be limited to simple events. More complex events won't be allowed (from my latest scenario, I have a 70 lines event because of conditions).
You also need an objective generator but that should be easy.
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Re: [Loose Idea] Online campaign creator/maker for wesnoth?

Post by doofus-01 »

If you can't play Wesnoth in a browser, creating content in a browser shouldn't be a thing.
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