Multiplayer maps with team play elements

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Multiplayer maps with team play elements

Post by gekko »

I'm looking for fun multiplayer maps that aren't necessarily balanced, but offer fun team play with interesting layouts. We have this group of players that likes to do 2v2 (pvp) or 4v5 (4 players vs 5 AI), and sometimes we just generate a random map and play in that.

I'm especially interested in team maps where all players spawn in one area of the map as opposed to being distributed evenly across the whole terrain, as even distribution often leads to each player fighting their opponent one-on-one and only then joining the allies in any kind of "mixed race" battles. Another feature we like in maps are "proxy" keeps in middle of the map that give a reason to move the leader units to the battle. Balanced maps can feel a bit sterile when they are mirrored down to every tile.

Here's some of the maps we've used so far:

3v3 with each side having a "frontal" player: map file, picture

3v3, more of a "traditional" map: map file, picture

3v3 or 6v1: map file, picture

2v2 or 3v3 with two players being further away: map file, picture

3v3 with proxy keeps: map file, picture

4v4 generated with the map generator and "approximately fixed for balance": map file, picture
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Re: Multiplayer maps with team play elements

Post by Computer_Player »

This is exactly the kinds of maps/ scenarious that I would like more of! Dynamic team maps, assymetrical (yet balanced maps), sides with different number of players.... bring them on! Auction X and Castle Hoping are two maps in default, but we defenitely need more.

If we have a lot of maps can we compile them and put them up on the add-ons server (under "Dynamic Team Multiplayer Maps" maybe?)

Attached here is a modified (by me) 3 vs 1 Fortress Assault map originally made by Aetheryn. It's a fun 3 vs 1 map I modified for balance and tempo reasons because it doesn't have the WML of the original. Aetheryn specialized in uneven maps and you can find his maps in this thread ... 15&t=27742 It would be nice if knowledgeable persons could update them for 1.14.

P.S. It would be nice to also have multiplayer maps with gimmicks such as wml event triggers, teleports etc. I remember Golbeeze's sacrifice maps (although these are not team games... ) At any rate, we have 10+ year history of maps. I think it will be profitable to see what gold standard maps we have that aren't popular only because they weren't ported to the newest version.
3 vs 1 Fortress Defense.cfg
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Re: Multiplayer maps with team play elements

Post by GForce0 »

Try out my maps! :)
They are not necessarily balanced, but always have special features / gimmicks to keep things interesting. Both teamplay and rivalry.
More will be added soon.
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