terrain id

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terrain id

Post by Luc7y »

update:language - comma and dot

Hello, I wish me an automatic scan through the folders with the sub-folder images/terrain. Because all images have an id and a String.
Code-example in terrain_definitions.cfg which should be in the "add-on-folder/terrain",
works but also in the folder "add-on-folder/utils"
and drives to the tab inside editors panel with exactly these symbolized images.
But not all is done except a screenshot with the new map.
Example snippet from Archaic_Resources, Genesis_Resources and Amaranthine_Stone in regard.

Code: Select all

   symbol_image=village/village-overlay-editor #### sorry a missing ship-symbol
   name= _ "Human Ship"
   aliasof=Gg^Vh, Ww
And a full automatic - to set in relation (maybe a text-file output in add-on folder by editors work behind the gui)
for all founded in right manner constructed images.
Or please tell me how is coming the id to the texture and where is the string behind "string=" from.
I would be happy about every answer
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Re: terrain id

Post by josteph »

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to write a map, or to write a WML event, or what? Feel free to answer in your native language, if it's not English.

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Re: terrain id

Post by beetlenaut »

I don't understand all of this question, but I can give you links that answer one part.
Luc7y wrote:
July 15th, 2019, 2:25 am
how is coming the id to the texture and where is the string behind "string="
https://wiki.wesnoth.org/TerrainCodesWM ... rain_Codes
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Re: terrain id

Post by Luc7y »

Aha, all what I must do is - to keep the rule for the first Letters and a little of luck to set no multiple Strings
e.G. a new Mountaintexture look than like this
{NEW:MOUNTAIN *^Mat mountain-imagename_without_extension}

- *^Mat is then the usage for string= (in terraindefinition.cfg)
- The picture is coming by the name and the id is for other cases to identifier
inside the graphical user interface.

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