BUG > Zooming

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BUG > Zooming

Post by Yomar »

I can't zoom in anymore, zooming out and default zoom keys work.
+ key for zooming in DON'T work
- key for zooming out Works
0 key for default zoom scale works

This on V 1.14.7 of BFW

I tried V 1.12 of BFW and there Zooming in works.

Win 10
Screen 1366X768
Wesnoth version 1.14.7
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Re: BUG > Zooming

Post by Mawmoocn »


I think the default hotkey for Wesnoth 1.14.7 for zooming in is =.

You can change it by locating Preferences > Hotkeys and search for Zoom In.
Select Zoom In and press Add Hotkey, select the hotkey you wish to use.

I hope it works and have a wonderful day~
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