possible bug with BaB tile

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Re: possible bug with BaB tile

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

Ignoring the fact of a bug which is causing a segfault (for which I expect we'll see something on Github before long) ...

What you're saying is that it's a bug in the design, not a bug in the implementation. I would agree. There's a lot of Wesnoth where I'd change the design, not least of those is the map editor. Unfortunately, such changes are huge, far reaching, with a lot of unanticipated effects, and must overcome a lot of inertia on all fronts (from the code, the developers, and the users).
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Re: possible bug with BaB tile

Post by doofus-01 »

The terrain-pack author injected the terrains into mainline by using editor_group=UMC_Terrain_Pack_Misc, bridge, water in the terrain type definition. Most UMC terrains provide a red-text warning about this very issue happening when you mouse over them in the editor side-bar, and they do not get included in the groupings like "bridge". The author should have just left it at editor_group=UMC_Terrain_Pack_Misc

So, the specific bug is with the add-on. That Wesnoth is so vulnerable to misbehaving add-ons, and that the wiki doesn't mention the editor_group restrictions, are certainly issues though.

BTW: The code "BaB|" also breaks another convention, in that UMC should have Y,y,Z, or z (which is at least sort of mentioned in the wiki documentation).
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