THoT Forbidden Forest objective

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THoT Forbidden Forest objective

Post by josteph » July 7th, 2018, 12:36 pm

The objective of the THoT scenario "Forbidden Forest" is
Move both Aiglondur and Angarthing to the eastern signpost
I find that unclear since while there is a signpost on the map, the signpost occupies a hex and two units can't occupy the same hex at once. I had to check the WML to figure out what the victory condition is: the scenario is won as soon as Aiglondur reaches the signpost hex after Angarthing already visited that hex, or vice versa. If I hadn't read the WML I would have assumed that Aiglondur needed to be on the hex and Angarthing next to him, or something like that.

Perhaps the objective could be clarified?
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