Siege of Elensefar

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Re: Siege of Elensefar

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I did a LOT of play-testing tweaking for 1.14 and want to re-iterate the last point. SoE will beat you up, badly, if you're not prepared for it. Now-a-days I only speed-run for the completion bonus on the first scenario and, thereafter, I push for experienced units and only take victory on the last possible turn.

I like the water route, too. But don't waste your time on stocking up on level 1 units even if the coins don't carry over. I start by bringing in a bunch early on to push for experience and thereafter ignore the coins.

Often (virtually always), the first step I do during my initial recall phase is sacrifice any unit in my recall list which is not over 50% of the way to level 2. With few exceptions, there's no point recalling a level 1 unit with no experience. So, before a battle, I build an altar and ask the Gods to blow on my dice.

Sometimes, once I've passed the tipping point and victory is ensured, I'll even let the opponents have some villages so they can recruit a few more units to add experience to my forces.
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