Return to Oldwood bug at start

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Return to Oldwood bug at start

Post by Dread »


Can't do the Return to Oldwood scenario in TRoW

After killing the lich and reachign RtO, at the beginnig, the following bug occurs :

Lua error lua/wml-tagsélua:828: attempted to create a unit with negative HP
Stack traceback :
C : in filed Create unit
lua/wml-tags.lua:828: in local 'cmd'
lua/wml-utils.lua:145: in field 'handle_event_commands'
lua/wml-flow.lua:6: in function lua/wml-flow.lua:5

The result is no scenario objective and incapable of doing the mission.

Any fixes?
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Re: Return to Oldwood bug at start

Post by zookeeper »

Yes, same problem as here; will be fixed in the next release. If you don't know how to edit savefiles to fix the problem as mentioned in my reply there, you could also use the debug mode to do it, but you'll have to do it after having lost Lady Outlaw but before starting Return to Oldwood (so, for example, right before finishing Temple in the Deep):

Code: Select all

:set_var lady_store.hitpoints=1
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Re: Return to Oldwood bug at start

Post by octalot »

Note: "next release" means 1.14.3, the bug is still present in 1.14.2.

Edit: I thought it was also present in 1.14.2+dev, but that's because I had a very early 1.14.2+dev build.
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