Getting Battle for Wesnoth on Steam Experience

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Getting Battle for Wesnoth on Steam Experience

Post by redrum68 » May 20th, 2018, 5:51 pm

Hey all, so I've played Battle for Wesnoth on and off for many years. I'm also one of the owners/developers for an open source GPL TBS game called TripleA: I saw that Battle for Wesnoth recently became available on Steam and its something we've always been interested in doing for TripleA as well. It appears that GPL games can be added to steam as long as they don't use features provided by Steam's API which is proprietary.

What I'm most interested in is if those developers/admins/etc that worked to get Battle for Wesnoth on Steam would share an overview of their experience, lessons learned, and any major hurdles. Hoping that fellow open source TBS game developers will share some insight so the process will be as painless as possible for us. I know that Steam has changed some of the process in the last year with Steam Direct replacing Greenlight but assume that many of the requirements/process is still similar.

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Re: Getting Battle for Wesnoth on Steam Experience

Post by shevegen » May 22nd, 2018, 9:40 pm

Would be nice. Perhaps a little text, 200-500 words or so, and to add it to the wiki or perhaps for
the main page of wesnoth. Since as you mentioned, this may be:

a) helpful to others

but also

b) useful to know in general. People could learn from that.

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