Dark Dwarves

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Dark Dwarves

Post by Yomar »

I'm thinking of creating a faction composed of creatures that were never used before, It will be mainly composed of chaotic- neutral units.
I will include Gorgons, Duergars (Dark Dwarves), Derros (crazy cave Dwarves), Gnolls, Gnomes, Kobolds, Gremmlings, Satyrs, Harpys and Gorgons.

Here are my questions regarding to this project.

1. I know factions with Dark Elves (Drows), but there are some with Dark Dwarves (Duergars or Derros) ?

2. Are there any recent user made factions containing any of the units that I mentioned in the introduction ? ( I will exclude units that were already extensively used, for this I din't included Minotaurs or Cyclops).

3. Any copyright issues for the names ?
Otherwise I will make some small changes like for example Duergars will be renamed as Duregars.

4. Other never used creatures suggestions are welcomed (but only from medieval or ancient western cultures pls., so no Onis, Kappas, Sphynxs and so on).

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Re: Dark Dwarves

Post by Bitron »

You might want to have a look into the Ageless Era, a collection of many good UMC eras in one big package. You might stumble about one of those from your list.

As for copyright issues, I strongly suggest not to use any names from other IPs.
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Re: Dark Dwarves

Post by Deciton_Reven »

The Avian faction are a faction of harpies by any other name, and the Therian faction's bird-shapeshifters are very harpie in design. The Yokai faction has a couple of Gorgons part of their Lamia line. The Minotaur (now Beastman Enclave, I believe) have or used to have Gnolls as their archers (Might be centaurs now?). There is/was a faction with an Italian name that had a Satyr/Faun line as their archers. There used to be a faction of Gnomes. I think it got lost to time though and was based more on the garden gnome variety in looks. At least I don't recalling seeing it in an era/on the add-ons server in a while. My own era has a "Kolbolt" faction with the purposeful misspelling as to draw on some of the the tropes of the race without taking the actual name from other creators to use if they wanted to make a closer representation to the classic or DnD style Kolbold.

As for different kinds of Dwarves, there are a million dwarf factions but they're pretty much all the normal kind but with X subrace or machines to replace the bandits of default. So you're probably pretty clear as long as your Dwarves are visually and mechanically distinct, otherwise they'll probably just get lost in that ocean of generic dwarves.

Norse and Celtic Mythology is barely touched on in UMC, and there are some pretty fantastical creatures in there if you're willing to do a little research.
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Re: Dark Dwarves

Post by Vulpine »

Yomar wrote: April 22nd, 2018, 4:29 pm 3. Any copyright issues for the names ?
Otherwise I will make some small changes like for example Duergars will be renamed as Duregars.
Duergar shouldn't be a problem unless Wizards of the Coast has copyrighted (or was it trademarked?) them, which shouldn't be possible. But you'd better double-check for yourself just in case.
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