[show_dialog] tag idea (wip)

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[show_dialog] tag idea (wip)

Post by Smok »

This topic is about new WML tag I work on. [show_dialog] tag shows dialogs that use GUI 2, similar to https://wiki.wesnoth.org/LuaWML/Display ... how_dialog. My implementation introduces two new features. First of all choices are synchronized so tag should work fine in multiplayer games. Additionally script takes care of grid generation, so user only need to specify what widgets he want and where. This is showcase of what I achieved so far. I'm open to all comments, feedback, ides. For now I'm struggling with flow subtags like [if], [for].

Tag code:
Some examples below:
What's missing:
-some gui tags/functions
-if statement
-some kind of loop
-operations using both WML variables and widgets values
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Re: [show_dialog] tag idea (wip)

Post by WhiteWolf »

This looks really useful, when I find the time, I'll experiment with this :)
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Re: [show_dialog] tag idea (wip)

Post by Pentarctagon »

This is way beyond anything I've ever tried to do with this, but it looks pretty neat. Good luck :)
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Re: [show_dialog] tag idea (wip)

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

Looks interesting! Perhaps something similar to this could be accepted into core at some point. I see this also doesn't fully expose the user to the intricacies of GUI2 WML, which is kinda nice since that can get rather complicated (and deeply indented).
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Re: [show_dialog] tag idea (wip)

Post by doofus-01 »

This looks really nice. :)
Please do spend some time on the documentation, for the WML reference wiki. I recall lack of documentation being a problem with GUI2. (Maybe you don't need the reminder, but it couldn't hurt to bring it up.)
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