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Re: 18th Century Warfare MP Era

Postby PapaSmurfReloaded » October 12th, 2017, 5:59 pm

lionrock wrote:After my 15 year grandson visited two weekends ago, I noticed he was playing your campaign so loaded up where he left off. Fort Victory scenario but he was clearly stuck after defeating the town garrison, he attacked fortress gates with artillery units destroying all but thereafter nothing happened. No opening into fortress even after wiping out all defenders. I "played" about a dozen turns trying spy, medic, hero leaders but nothing worked to open the fortress.

I even went back to start of campaign to see if he/I missed something but did not catch any clue. I looked over text of code and did not see where the victory condition was set in the code but I am far far from an expert on Wesnoth code. I found your era fascinating and the scenarios enjoyable, I would set limits on time in some of the scenarios and tweak some units as the peasants do seem a tad too good at taking out artillery while mounted units like all in the Wesnoth world are inconsistent, all or none which if you have succeeded in leveling up a unit is frustrating to see them wiped out by one shot of a cannon or a archer in other campaigns. Kudos to your fine work and if you have an answer to our problem would appreciate it but understand if you are too busy.

Thank you for the report, I'll look into.

For the time being, the campaign is not available in the latest version(yesterday's) of the add-on because it needs some serious tweaking.
Bugs were commonplace and the latest version of the add-on brought many changes to the era units, which will the change the balance of the campaign units.

I can't say for certain when it will be re-uploaded
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