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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby Gyra_Solune » May 2nd, 2017, 9:52 pm

Wow, the new graphics look really incredible! Kudos to Forest Dragon, excellent job with it!
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby IPS » May 10th, 2017, 10:07 pm

Hi, I'm posting another balance adjustments. This time isn't as extensive as the first time due the first time there were more things to do.

I am probably giving a 3rd part before May ends. Some units while their modifications ended being misscalculately stronger or weaker if they're analysed by other angles (for example, all summoner's scrolls had a small damage nerf mostly because of the lightfood warriors of sky kingdom and kharos [hidden faces and white warriors respectively]) thing that wasn't being considered at all ... also there is the complete analysis about that case in the .txt I've sent.
Era of Magic feedback2.txt
Second hand modifications.
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Developer of: Empires in 1.12 server.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » May 13th, 2017, 7:07 pm

Era of Magic 2.2 (aka "portraits" release) is now available!

As the name suggests it, this particular release contains many portraits of various units. Some of them look cool, some others need improvements (believe me or not, all of them were made this week).
Also, there is a balancing patch included according to IPS suggestions, implemented by ForestDragon.

And now the most important thing:
You need this release or higher to play TLU 2.0. This is crucial.

Code: Select all
Version 2.2
   > Barbarians:
      * Cyclops Goliath: impact 15% resistance
      * Mighty Cyclops: impact 10% resistance
      * Raging Cyclops: impact 10% resistance
      * Goblin Hunter: changed bolas attack to 5-2 (instead of 4-3)
      * Troll Sorcerer: experience to 57 (+7), cost to 18 (+1)
      * Troll Warlock: changed fist damage to 15-2 (+1)
   > Destroyers:
      * Abbadon: cost to 95
      * Extinct Cyclops Mage: added new range attack, secret type
      * Cyclops Legendary: added new range attack, secret type
      * Obliterator: cost to 65; changed pierce attack damage to 17-2 (-1)
      * Omen: cost to 22 (+1)
   > Kharos:
      * Golden Warrior: cost to 55 (+2)
      * Kharos Warbanner: cost to 34 (+2)
      * Massive Kharos Warbanner: cost to 67 (+3)
   > Runemasters:
      * Drone: changed various amlas:
         - max experience rised to 33% instead of 20%
         - defensive module grants also +2 hp
         - +5 hp amla changed to +8hp
         - added another +4hp amla after choosing +8hp boost
      * Red Ulfserker: hitpoints to 45 (+3); cost to 36 (-2); pierce resistance to 55%, fire to 10%, cold to 10%; replaced regenerates +8 with regenerates +4; changed terrain defense; removed charge special
      * Steam Berserker: cost to 46 (+8)
      * Steam Ulfserker: movement cost in caves to 1
   > Sky Kingdom:
      * Elementalist: experience to 42 (-3);
      * Hidden Face: hitpoints to 33 (+1); arcane resistance to 30%
      * Mage of Air: experience to 86 (+11); changed pierce resistance to 40% and blade to 10%; added first strike special to sparks attack
      * Mage of Fire: fire resistance to 40%
      * Mage of Water: deep water, shallow water, swamp and reef defense to 50%
      * Master of Air: movement points to 9 (-1); cost to 60 (+5); changed some resistances; added first strike to short circuit attack and sparks attack; changed sparks damage to 4-8 (from 3-10); changed lightning damage to 11-3 (+1)
      * Master of Fire: cost to 60 (+20); changed fireball damage to 11-4 (+1)
      * Master of Water: cost to 60 (+5); changed reef defense to 60%
      * Mystic Warrior: hitpoints to 47 (+2); changed arcane resistance to 30%
      * Sky Guardian: changed arcane resistance to 40%
   > Summoners:
      * Carpet Master: added melee attack
      * Earth Avatar: flat defense to 30%
      * Earth Elemental: flat defense to 30%, sand to 30%; replaced regenerates +8 with regenerates +6
      * Earth God: changed fire and cold resistance to 20%; changed flat and sand defense to 30%
      * Summoner: magic arrow damage to 9-2 (-1); scroll damage to 16-1 (-1)
      * Grand Summoner: cost to 54 (+4); reduced cost of summoning Air and Earth Elementals to 10 (-1); added scroll spell
      * Heavy Summoner: changed fire and cold resistance to 30% (+10); changed scroll damage to 21-1 (-2)
      * Neutral Summoner: cost to 56 (+1)
      * Summons Master: cost to 100; reduced cost of summoning Air and Earth Elementals to 6 (-1); added precision special to incantation of power attack; changed damage to 35-1 (-5)
      * Water Avatar: fire resistance to -10% (+10%)

- Abilities
   * added water regeneration +4 for Mage of Water
   * the dragon breat special hits units depending on luck
   * circle of resistance and circle of susceptibility do not work near units with magic absorber ability
- Graphics
   - added portraits for some units
   - added custom attack animation for Elementalist, Subversive Mage, Mage of Air, Master of Air
   - improved sparks animation
   - improved flames animation
- Descritpions
   * added Cavalry Archer descripion
   * added Elemental Archer descripion
   * improved Cold Matriarch descripion
   * improved Matriarch of Emptiness descripion
   * improved Elementalist descripion
   * improved magic absorber descritpion
- Code:
   * fixed wrong resistance tag in Subversive Mage file
   * added female sounds for Rhamis
   * fixed advance event for Dimensional Gate II
   * the cleave ability has VALUE parameter now

ForestDragon commentary on IPS suggestions:
Code: Select all
- 15% blade resistance for Master of Air, instead of 10%
-I fixed Mage of Water/Master of Water having 30% defense on reef terrain.
-increased the exp increase for Drone's AMLAs, made the defense module give +2 hp, added a +8 hp upgrade followed by the normal one, which has been reduced from +5 hp to +4 hp
-Carpet Master melee is 7-1, and has firststrike
-I didn't nerf Jinn's melee, considering the strength are his advancements' melees
-I decided not to nerf Novice Summoner's ranged, since as you seen, IPS seems to prefer units being fit for every situation. In my opinion, having units which are good at countering specific units is a good thing. besides, novice summoner can kill Hidden Face in 2 attacks during day even with the nerfed damage, and the unit needs to be at least decent against non-agile units too.
-Grand Summoner's scroll is 19-1, instead of 18-1, Summoner's scroll is 16-1 instead of 15-1, and Heavy Summoner's scroll is 22-1 instead of 20-1 (21 x 1.2 x 1.25 = 32 or 31, which means just barely failing to kill a full hp hidden face or white warrior. Still a noticable nerf, though)
-Made Earth Elemental line have 30% sand defense, just like flat.
-I didn't increase Troll Sorcerer's exp requirement, but increased cost to 19
-Summoning Air/Earth elementals now costs as much as summoning normal ones, considering their nerfs

Here I selected a few portraits included in the 2.2 release:
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby The_Gnat » May 19th, 2017, 6:23 am

@inferno - Those are very well done portraits! I love the middle one and the wyvryn is also awesome! :D I am continually impressed at the quality and volume you create! Even though these are not 'traditional' wesnoth style portraits they are really good. 8)


I saw this portrait by darkbearslab and thought immediately of Era of Magic ^_^ It might not fit but i thought to mention it to you, because it is a very nice portrait and might work for one of your sprites! (maybe the golden mage if it had brown hair and normal skin ;) )

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » June 2nd, 2017, 6:10 pm

Era of Magic 2.2.1 is now available!

This time there are a few improved animations, balance changes and slight faction modifications in terms of game modes.

Speaking of balance there are two noteworthy things:
1. earth elementals and their advancements have been strengthen up. Many players did not understand why huge moving rocks were so fragile. Now these units have better resistances and are really good at protecting key locations (I even wanted to max their physical resistances up to 90-99% but some players stopped me :P )
2. golems from the Sky Kingdom faction received an additional standard melee attack, which in my opinion is a groundbreaking change. They were suicidal tanks but no longer. Now they can perform a charge-less attack if a situation demands it. Also, they have better resistances.

Many thanks to ForestDragon who prepared this release! ;)

Code: Select all
Version 2.2.1
- Units
   > Runemasters
      * added an ice runes attack to the Runeadept line
      * renamed the 'runes' attack (Runeadept line) to 'fire runes'
      * renamed 'Runeadept' to 'Rune Adept'
   > Destroyers
      * changed Abaddon's awe 4 to awe 3, and added regenerates +4 to him   
   > Barbarians
      * made barbarian berserkers have 0% physical resistances
   > Sky Kingdom
      * Golem now has -10% impact resistance (instead of -20%)
      * Golem Boss has 50% pierce resistance and 0% impact resistance, but has 30% fire resistance, and 50% cold/arcane resistance   
      * added a 'smash' attack to the line (11-2 impact melee for lvl1, 15-2 for lvl2, no specials)   
   > Tharis
      * fixed Great Warlock not being able to move over unwalkable terrain, and fixed him have 0% resistance on deep water, and made him have 70% defense on terrain he can float on
      * fixed Master of Darkness having 20% impact resistance, instead of 35%
      * increased exp required for Great Warlock to advance to 216 (from 210)
- Graphics
   * improved the destroyer death animation macro
   * added an attack icon for the melee attacks of the golem line
   * improved death animations for the Balloon line
   * added a levitate animation for Guru
   * made Great Warlock's levitate animation slightly slower
- Factions
   * fixed the eoma 2.0 faction icons not being present in non-default gamemodes
   * fixed Runemasters not having Constructor as a choose-able leader for the lvl3 leaders gamemodes (same goes for Dark Executioner for Tharis)
   * added Battle Eye to the Sky Kingdom rpg leader options, and removed Mu from 'random_leader='
   * made the summoners faction in eoma rpg have more units  and removed DG from the random leaders list there
- Code
   * renamed the 'Era of Magic (Extended)' to 'Era of Magic (Age of Heroes)' to reduce confusion for new players
   * added hit/death sounds for wyverns

Note: this version is not available on 1.13.x. I need to prepare a new license and track down some derivatives first.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby Ravana » June 6th, 2017, 5:43 pm

Code: Select all
#textdomain wesnoth-Era_of_Magic
    image,name="factions/EoMa-faction-runemasters.png", _"Runemasters"
EoMa_Baloon, EoMa_Balloon I expect one of those is incorrect.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » June 6th, 2017, 5:51 pm

Thanks for reporting. The patch will be available this week.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » June 9th, 2017, 7:04 pm

Era of Magic 2.2.2 is now available!

There are some minor tweaks and two important additions:
1) the era can be finally translated! :) I have attached a raw translation file in the era's translation folder so anyone can access it (for your convenience the file is attached to this post too). Note the raw file is in an early stage and may lack some strings, but 80-90% of the add-on's content can be considered translatable now.

2) EoMa's art is now licensed under CC-BY-SA v4 (this applies to the 1.13+ server). If you want to use era's art assets, from now on you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

It is important to note that not all images fall under this license. EoMa is a huge add-on which has been developed for almost a decade and there are still some images who are derivatives of GPL assets (they are based on sprites from the default BfW and other addons like for example Extended Era). Many of these images were modified beyond recognition throughout the years and can be considered "original" work now, but there may be some cases where this is not so obvious. I have prepared a list of images who shall be considered licensed under GPL license, but there is a possibility, that this list may be incomplete or missing some entries. If you find an image which should not be licensed under CC license and can prove it, please report this as soon as you notice it, so I can update the art license - this is extremely important!

This release is available on both 1.12 and 1.13 servers.
Full changelog:
Code: Select all
Version 2.2.2
- Units
   * salamanders have 10% arcane resistance, -10% fire/cold resistances (0% cold resistance for Blue Salamander), and 20% pierce resistance
   * renamed Master of Sun's light focusing attack to missile
- Factions
   * fixed wrong unit id for Runemasters in rpg mode

- Graphics
   * changed dimensional gate attack icons

- Code
   * improved formating of translatable parts

- Translations
   * added the era's raw translation file
   * updated the Polish translation

- General
   * included the ART LICENSE (CC-BY-SA v4)
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby Ravana » June 14th, 2017, 4:41 pm

When porting 2.2.1 changes, I also noticed:

images/attacks/claws-fire-elemental.png same name as core image, seems same image, likely possible to remove

images/scenery/wreck.png same name as core image, different image, rename

walking corpse should use attacks/axe.png not axe.png, else matches also data\core\images\items\axe.png; same for staff-magic, entangle, bow, bow-elven, likely chakram; for bomb2.png there is one in attacks, halo, and projectiles

energy draining setup event needs first_time_only=no
Code: Select all
    name=start,prerecruit,recruit,prerecall,recall,post advance
    {MODIFY_UNIT ability=soul_catcher experience 0}

These could use era prefix: droneupgrade_menu_{ABILITY}, double attack, split fire, summon_{ID} (though ID includes it I think), summon_zhelp, soul_catcher, sculpts

Saurian Assassin could use its level 2 description, instead of one that is about using spears.
Cleave description has "delat" instead of "dealt"

I am not sure if it is bug, but when spawning Walking Corpse from [unit] it gets no variation, and therefore no attacks. ... 1/issues/8 should apply here, I have not changed dragon breath code.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » June 16th, 2017, 4:39 pm

Era of Magic 2.2.3 is now available!
This is a minor update focused mostly on bugfixes and optimization. The new additions are ForestDragon's lvl2 recruit animations for some magical units from the Summoners faction. Thanks!
Ravana wrote:These could use era prefix
This is now on my todo list, thank you ;)

Code: Select all
Version 2.2.3
- Graphics
   * added recruit animations for lvl2 magical units
- Abilities
   * fixed soul catcher ability not firing properly
   * fixed unusual behavior of the summon ability when lvl3 summoners of the same type tried to summon something on a shared adjacent hex
   * optimized the summon ability code
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » July 7th, 2017, 8:00 pm

Era of Magic 2.2.4 is now available
This is a mini-patch with some minor improvements.

The changelog:
Code: Select all
Version 2.2.4
- Graphics
   * slightly improved Dark Warrior's kill animation
   * added a few icons for menu items
- Abilities
   * renamed 'Summon Help' to 'Summoning Help'
- Code
   * improved the 'Summon' ability coding
- Descriptions
   * improved the 'Summon' ability description
   * improved the 'Build Drone' ability description
- Translations
   * updated the Polish translation
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » July 21st, 2017, 7:11 pm

Era of Magic 2.3 is now available!
This time I present you two new units and as always some improvements and balancing changes.
These new units are Goblin Shaman (lvl1) and Goblin Druid (lvl2). They reinforce hordes of Barbarians faction with their magic tricks (and healing for lvl2) :) I want to thank ForestDragon who helped me prepare this release. He did all the coding and proposed some balancing changes. Also, I want to thank Mechanical, for his feedback and the concept of a better sprite for Pacificator. Now the whole unit looks even more powerful than ever. Thanks!

Full changelog:
Code: Select all
Version 2.3
- Units
   * added new units: Goblin Shaman and Goblin Druid
   * Goblin Archer: changed ranged attack from 7-2 to 5-3
   * Goblin Assassin: changed defense: swamp and sand 40%; changed dagger damage type from pierce to blade
   * Goblin Hunter: changed defense: swamp and sand 40%; changed dagger damage type from pierce to blade
   * Goblin Kamikaze: changed impact attack damage from 12-1 to 15-1
   * Goblin Runt: changed cost from 11g to 9g
   * Wyvern: renamed tackle attack to slam, changed damage from 11-2 to 10-2
   * Great Wyvern: renamed tackle attack to slam, changed damage from 15-2 to 14-2
   * Chaos Wyvern: renamed tackle attack to slam, changed damage from 21-2 to 20-2
   * Legendary Cyclops: removed anti-shield attack
   * Extinct Cyclops Mage: removed anti-shield attack
   * Mystical Archer: removed anti-shield special, "renamed mysterious arrow" to "holy arrow", changed type to arcane, added magical special, changed damage to 16-2
   * Cosmic Eye: renamed "concentrated beam" attack to "reality warp",
   * Master of Elements: replaced anti-shield attack with meteor shower, changed damage to 23-2
   * Great Witch: changed experience points from 100 to 120
   * various zombie improvements
- Graphics
   * improved Pacificator's sprite
   * changed Orc Blood Warrior's attack icons
   * changed Inspired attack animation
   * changed Mystical Archer attack animation
   * added directional melee attack animations for dwarvish tanks
   * changed Cosmic Eye's strong ranged attack animation
   * added meteor shower animation for Master of Elements
- Code
   * updated mainline-strings.cfg
- Misc
   * updated ART LICENSE
Known issues:
- the dragon breath weapon special may cause out-of-sync error. Since it is used on a lvl3 unit, this shouldn't affect mp matches. Nevertheless the fix should arrive soon.

Enjoy! :)
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » October 9th, 2017, 8:28 am

Era of Magic 2.4 is now available!
This release introduces two new lvl2 units: a Yellow Salamander for Darkblood Alliance and a Fire Swordsman for Kharos faction:
The Yellow Salamander is a special branch of salamanders who can survive in a harsh environment, while Fire Swordsmen are special type of berserk good against non-living foes.
Also many units received better attack icons as well as improved animations.
I would like to thank ForestDragon for his commitment in preparing this and previous releases. His talent of combining various small things to create unique effects proved extremely efficient and has brought EoMa to a higher level. Thanks! :)

Code: Select all
Version 2.4
- Units
   > Darkblood Alliance:
      * added a new unit: Yellow Salamander
   > Kharos:
      * added a new unit: Fire Swordsman
   > Runemasters:
      * Baloon: hitpoints 38 (+2), cost 17 (+1); added new melee attack - 'ram'
      * Heavy Baloon: hitpoints 55 (+4), cost 32 (+1)
      * Steamcopter: hitpoints 48 (+3), cost 32 (+1)
      * Mechanical Dragon: cost to 56 (+37)
   > Destroyers:
      * Obliterator: added 6-2 chaotic blast ranged attack
      * Abaddon: aded a 10-2 chaotic blast ranged attack
      * gave zombie goblin kamikaze a 14-1 impact attack, and nerfed the fire attack to 18-1
- Graphics
   * added new portraits for: Mu, Um, Sculptor and Void Mage
   * added a new devour icon for Apocalypse/Dark Apostle
   * changed the melee icon for air elementals
   * added a new attack icon for Matriarch of Emptiness and the cyclops skeleton line
   * added sword+axe icon
   * added 2 icons (edited) for entrapment spell (one for Subversive Mage/Sculptor, and the other for Black Mage/Void Mage)
   * added miss sounds for Master of Elements'/Great Efreeti's meteor shower animations
   * Silver/Gold warriors/Master of Sun have a new missile icon
   * Prophet of Light's 'blinding light' attack now uses the light focus icon
   * added a new banishment icon
   * added a new missile icon for Black Mage/Void Mage
   * added a new sparks icon for Mage of Air/Master of Air
   * added a new (recolored) cursed knives icon for Shadow Mage
   * added a new missile icon for Sorcerer
   * added an um fist icon
   * added a scream icon
   * added an icon for the shamanistic adept line's melee (and a poison version for the corrupted shaman branch)
   * added a new icon for damned flame
   * added a paw icon for the toad line, and a missile icon for Shamanistic toad (Mystical Toad uses sorcerer's missile icon)
   * added a new icon for hurricane (air elemental melee)
   * made a gaze icon for rhami'kai/ho'rhami
   * added a new dagger icon for dark warrior/slayer/sworddancer
   * added a staff icon for dark wizard
   * improved master mage's lightning attack animation
   * changed the ranged icons of Child of Light/Mistress of Light to lightfocus, and changed the melee icon of Mistress of Light to match that of Child of Light
   * tweaked the lightbeam (now lightstorm) macro
   * made idle animations for Child of Light/Mistress of Light
- Abilities
   * the 'awaken' ability now uses the "holy" sound list during awakening
   * renamed the ranged attack of Child of Light to lightstorm
- Descriptions:
   * updated Fanatic's description

To celebrate the new release ForestDragon created these cool EoMa jokes, so enjoy! :D
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