Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby Gyra_Solune » May 2nd, 2017, 9:52 pm

Wow, the new graphics look really incredible! Kudos to Forest Dragon, excellent job with it!
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby IPS » May 10th, 2017, 10:07 pm

Hi, I'm posting another balance adjustments. This time isn't as extensive as the first time due the first time there were more things to do.

I am probably giving a 3rd part before May ends. Some units while their modifications ended being misscalculately stronger or weaker if they're analysed by other angles (for example, all summoner's scrolls had a small damage nerf mostly because of the lightfood warriors of sky kingdom and kharos [hidden faces and white warriors respectively]) thing that wasn't being considered at all ... also there is the complete analysis about that case in the .txt I've sent.
Era of Magic feedback2.txt
Second hand modifications.
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby inferno8 » May 13th, 2017, 7:07 pm

Era of Magic 2.2 (aka "portraits" release) is now available!

As the name suggests it, this particular release contains many portraits of various units. Some of them look cool, some others need improvements (believe me or not, all of them were made this week).
Also, there is a balancing patch included according to IPS suggestions, implemented by ForestDragon.

And now the most important thing:
You need this release or higher to play TLU 2.0. This is crucial.

Code: Select all
Version 2.2
   > Barbarians:
      * Cyclops Goliath: impact 15% resistance
      * Mighty Cyclops: impact 10% resistance
      * Raging Cyclops: impact 10% resistance
      * Goblin Hunter: changed bolas attack to 5-2 (instead of 4-3)
      * Troll Sorcerer: experience to 57 (+7), cost to 18 (+1)
      * Troll Warlock: changed fist damage to 15-2 (+1)
   > Destroyers:
      * Abbadon: cost to 95
      * Extinct Cyclops Mage: added new range attack, secret type
      * Cyclops Legendary: added new range attack, secret type
      * Obliterator: cost to 65; changed pierce attack damage to 17-2 (-1)
      * Omen: cost to 22 (+1)
   > Kharos:
      * Golden Warrior: cost to 55 (+2)
      * Kharos Warbanner: cost to 34 (+2)
      * Massive Kharos Warbanner: cost to 67 (+3)
   > Runemasters:
      * Drone: changed various amlas:
         - max experience rised to 33% instead of 20%
         - defensive module grants also +2 hp
         - +5 hp amla changed to +8hp
         - added another +4hp amla after choosing +8hp boost
      * Red Ulfserker: hitpoints to 45 (+3); cost to 36 (-2); pierce resistance to 55%, fire to 10%, cold to 10%; replaced regenerates +8 with regenerates +4; changed terrain defense; removed charge special
      * Steam Berserker: cost to 46 (+8)
      * Steam Ulfserker: movement cost in caves to 1
   > Sky Kingdom:
      * Elementalist: experience to 42 (-3);
      * Hidden Face: hitpoints to 33 (+1); arcane resistance to 30%
      * Mage of Air: experience to 86 (+11); changed pierce resistance to 40% and blade to 10%; added first strike special to sparks attack
      * Mage of Fire: fire resistance to 40%
      * Mage of Water: deep water, shallow water, swamp and reef defense to 50%
      * Master of Air: movement points to 9 (-1); cost to 60 (+5); changed some resistances; added first strike to short circuit attack and sparks attack; changed sparks damage to 4-8 (from 3-10); changed lightning damage to 11-3 (+1)
      * Master of Fire: cost to 60 (+20); changed fireball damage to 11-4 (+1)
      * Master of Water: cost to 60 (+5); changed reef defense to 60%
      * Mystic Warrior: hitpoints to 47 (+2); changed arcane resistance to 30%
      * Sky Guardian: changed arcane resistance to 40%
   > Summoners:
      * Carpet Master: added melee attack
      * Earth Avatar: flat defense to 30%
      * Earth Elemental: flat defense to 30%, sand to 30%; replaced regenerates +8 with regenerates +6
      * Earth God: changed fire and cold resistance to 20%; changed flat and sand defense to 30%
      * Summoner: magic arrow damage to 9-2 (-1); scroll damage to 16-1 (-1)
      * Grand Summoner: cost to 54 (+4); reduced cost of summoning Air and Earth Elementals to 10 (-1); added scroll spell
      * Heavy Summoner: changed fire and cold resistance to 30% (+10); changed scroll damage to 21-1 (-2)
      * Neutral Summoner: cost to 56 (+1)
      * Summons Master: cost to 100; reduced cost of summoning Air and Earth Elementals to 6 (-1); added precision special to incantation of power attack; changed damage to 35-1 (-5)
      * Water Avatar: fire resistance to -10% (+10%)

- Abilities
   * added water regeneration +4 for Mage of Water
   * the dragon breat special hits units depending on luck
   * circle of resistance and circle of susceptibility do not work near units with magic absorber ability
- Graphics
   - added portraits for some units
   - added custom attack animation for Elementalist, Subversive Mage, Mage of Air, Master of Air
   - improved sparks animation
   - improved flames animation
- Descritpions
   * added Cavalry Archer descripion
   * added Elemental Archer descripion
   * improved Cold Matriarch descripion
   * improved Matriarch of Emptiness descripion
   * improved Elementalist descripion
   * improved magic absorber descritpion
- Code:
   * fixed wrong resistance tag in Subversive Mage file
   * added female sounds for Rhamis
   * fixed advance event for Dimensional Gate II
   * the cleave ability has VALUE parameter now

ForestDragon commentary on IPS suggestions:
Code: Select all
- 15% blade resistance for Master of Air, instead of 10%
-I fixed Mage of Water/Master of Water having 30% defense on reef terrain.
-increased the exp increase for Drone's AMLAs, made the defense module give +2 hp, added a +8 hp upgrade followed by the normal one, which has been reduced from +5 hp to +4 hp
-Carpet Master melee is 7-1, and has firststrike
-I didn't nerf Jinn's melee, considering the strength are his advancements' melees
-I decided not to nerf Novice Summoner's ranged, since as you seen, IPS seems to prefer units being fit for every situation. In my opinion, having units which are good at countering specific units is a good thing. besides, novice summoner can kill Hidden Face in 2 attacks during day even with the nerfed damage, and the unit needs to be at least decent against non-agile units too.
-Grand Summoner's scroll is 19-1, instead of 18-1, Summoner's scroll is 16-1 instead of 15-1, and Heavy Summoner's scroll is 22-1 instead of 20-1 (21 x 1.2 x 1.25 = 32 or 31, which means just barely failing to kill a full hp hidden face or white warrior. Still a noticable nerf, though)
-Made Earth Elemental line have 30% sand defense, just like flat.
-I didn't increase Troll Sorcerer's exp requirement, but increased cost to 19
-Summoning Air/Earth elementals now costs as much as summoning normal ones, considering their nerfs

Here I selected a few portraits included in the 2.2 release:
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Re: Era of Magic (EoMa) 2.0 out now! Tons of new stuff!

Postby The_Gnat » May 19th, 2017, 6:23 am

@inferno - Those are very well done portraits! I love the middle one and the wyvryn is also awesome! :D I am continually impressed at the quality and volume you create! Even though these are not 'traditional' wesnoth style portraits they are really good. 8)


I saw this portrait by darkbearslab and thought immediately of Era of Magic ^_^ It might not fit but i thought to mention it to you, because it is a very nice portrait and might work for one of your sprites! (maybe the golden mage if it had brown hair and normal skin ;) )

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