Mainline 'Scenarios' (together with campaigns)

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Re: Mainline 'Scenarios' (together with campaigns)

Post by DeCoolest_Cat »

I don't know what type of undead you need, so I'll give you everything I think will be useful. There's the Archiac Era's despair, which is mostly ghosts and phantoms. Some big eras like War of The Gods have tons of units too look through.
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Re: Mainline 'Scenarios' (together with campaigns)

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

I think this sort of thing is quite a good idea and am a little interested in working to get it done. I'll try to find time soon to play some of the existing scenarios that people have mentioned in this thread. It would actually be nice to get at least one mission pack mainlined in time for 1.14 (and the Steam release), though I'm not sure if that's feasible.

I think it would make a lot of sense for a mission pack to have some sort of underlying theme. It can be anything, really. I don't have any specific suggestions off the top of my head though. Maybe five or six scenarios per pack? Though that limit is entirely arbitrarily selected and could be revised.
Xara wrote:Is there a to-come Khalifate campaign?
There has been some talk of mainlining Kwandulin's Oath of Allegiance.
skeptical_troll wrote:The way I see it, from a practical point of view it would be preferable to have a direct choice from the main menu, rather than starting a campaign where to play the scenarios from (although the 'hub world' idea is cool). Or maybe there could be two categories, like 'battles' and 'missions', depending on the size of the armies involved. I agree with on the convenience of re-using art, that's an advantage I haven't thought about.
If there are only a few scenarios in any given pack, it would probably be possible to repurpose the difficulty selection dialogue for mission selection. If that's not good enough, a Lua-built dialogue could be shown on either prestart (showing during the loading screen) or start (showing just after the map appears) in the hub scenario, which allows you to select a campaign and then proceeds to it immediately.

Another idea for a hub campaign would be to use the tiles someone made that give a map strategy map aesthetic, and use a custom unit with 1000 or something movement points that functions like a "cursor" - move it to a known battle, and you enter that scenario.
Kwandulin wrote:Pretty interesting ideas in this thread so far. I've made a quick sketch about how the 'select a mission'-screen could look like - if the mission packages are implemented (please note that I got zero experience with the code fundament of wesnoth and therefore I don't know whether something like this is realisable or not).
That mock-up looks amazing! I think it's fine to include mission packages in the same list as campaigns (Age of Empires II does this as well). Such a layout is definitely implementable in the engine (a tree view would do the trick, I think), though it would not be easy (Wesnoth's GUI2 engine is quite hard to work with). The question then becomes, how would this be specified in the campaign WML? Perhaps an optional [chapter] element which specifies the first scenario and other details...
Lord-Knightmare wrote:Is it possible to implement everything in a single file?
Totally possible. I think the only file actually loaded directly by the engine is _main.cfg; any others are merely requested by preprocessor includes in that file.
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