What user-made factions do you most like?

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What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Gyra_Solune »

Hardly any kind of official poll, I'm just asking out of curiosity. What (preferably MP-focused, but applicable to campaigns if needed) single faction do you like the most out of those made by users, and why? Tell me about what you like about how they play, what unique aspects you enjoy best about them, or if it's more about the interesting concept and design over gameplay?

My personal pick is going to go to the Windsong, they kind of hit all the right notes for me. They have an exceedingly high difficulty curve on account of most of their units being expensive, frail, and low damage but the immeasurable strategic utility that comes with access to a cheap, level 0 teleporting unit makes them fascinating to play with and gives them an incredibly unique style focused more on sabotage and disruption over direct combat. And I like how this translates into their design too - they're meant to be a secretive, distant organization focused more on disrupting war with limited but high-potential resources, so of course they operate best when trying to sneakily leader-kill. I'm a big fan of the aesthetic design too, they look really neat with all their apparel being really orderly and tidy and minimalistic, and they communicate their style very well, especially the Gatekeeper line, I cannot get over how rad the Oathkeeper looks (it also helps that the faction is entirely covert ops scholarly type girls, but obvious bias!). Their flavor text is really well detailed and interesting too, which helps a lot and is much appreciated by me, someone who highly values quality writing. I'd be a strong advocate of it being a mainline candidate even if it weren't for the slightly reaching premise within the established setting, and the very specific brand of magic used that's not tied into anything else.

So yes, do tell me of your own opinions!
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Ravana »


I like their concept, dark elves that are more special than the ones found in EE. I enjoy most dark warrior and witch lines.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Velensk »

The halflings.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Sire »

Aragwaithi - Sure, they can be considered a "Neutral Loyalist" faction, but as a player who enjoys Loyalists, I love this faction. Their art style is spectacular, and I remember the first time I played them when my friends and I were messing around with Ageless Era. I recruited an Eagle Rider, and everyone went nuts. (With our little group, I am known to employ "Gryphon Cap" tactics, using Gryphons to assassinate enemy leaders.)
It is a "well balanced" faction, but how that translates for actual gamepaly balance, I am unsure.

Steelhive - I have a soft spot for the Steelhive faction. While I really haven't played as them, the idea of a bunch of robots invading Wesnoth is too entertaining for me. Also, I enjoy the aesthetics as well.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Caladbolg »

Windsong. Everything about them is interesting and unique. What I like the most is the lore behind the faction (the idea of them being historians and balancers) and their beautiful sprites. The Aragwaithi are the close 2nd place for me due to powerful units and the art style which is also awesome and unique.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Eagle_11 »

Kharos - Cheap healing that doubles as leadership on lvl up or can even get resurrection at lvl2, an durable lvl2 leadership unit available from the start, assisted by an teleporter capable of dishing out serious damage in melee, backed by durable frontline units that can be alternately leveled into an unit that always hits on retaliation, and has an berserker unit to top all that. They are ideal for survivals.
Lavinians - Roman legion like faction from Imperial Era, playing them against Arendian or Marauders never gets old. Too bad the era never got Dardanoi as playable faction, ancient greek-inspired faction could be so cool too.
Sky Kingdom - Very high rate of actual hits thanks to 'magical' special being overall the faction, has those fascinatingly efficient wheel things as spammables, and can get an unit that can petrify.
Al-Kamija - I have used parts of them to make my own version of khalifate, so go figure how much i like them.
Dark Legion - They may seem like an Loyalist clone at first glance, but have better level ups than them.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Sudipta »

The Windsong are the obvious choice to me. I love their battle style( not relying on direct combat) and the variations in their units.Their lore is the deal breaker for me though! how in most campaigns they appear the guardians of balance. Their artwork is also pretty amazing.
Second would be the Aragwaithi with their high offensive capabilities and stunning aesthetics. Or maybe because they kick ass in IftU and AtS storywise and gameplaywise ;)
Third will be divided among celestials and vampires , i cant really decide. :P The celestials are a powerful side with great melee and magical fighting prowess ad they got lv 4 leaders that are just badass - The Seraphs. They also played a role in A Song of Fire, so there's that. I love the lore on the vampires faction, but i personally feel they could be improved both in artwork and in balance. Does anyone else feel that they are weak compared to most other factions. They have these weird weaknesses ( why -10% vs pierce) and no resistances at all which is strange considering that they are vampires. Shouldn't they be somewhat stronger than average humans and thus have some kind of blade and impact resist? also they should have a high cold resist since they are cold-blooded. I am talking about the old concept of vampires from Dracula, and some other old novels, not the Twilight BS that people see these days. :annoyed:
Apologise for the long reply. Just trying to spice things up a little. :whistle:
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by taptap »

Windsong fan thread ... though just playing a little with them converted me: Windsong all the way. Beautiful, unique gameplay, unique background. Makes me kind of sad Wesnoth default/mainline is stuck with derivative fantasy factions, when it has such gems hidden on the add-on server and glued together with factions that never really reached the same level.

Khalifate is another favourite as I really like the sprites, for the same reasons I dig most of the Vampires (pierce weakness is due to impaling = vampire death, I guess) and Aragwaith. I like EoFM and especially Darklanders, era from a single source and featuring interesting gameplay (and Panther Lord being a favourite).
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Temuchin Khan »

Tough question. Not counting the factions I helped create (Kedari, Lavinian Legion, and Orcei Gladiatores), my favorite user-made faction is probably the Sidhe. I like the idea of Elves who aren't exactly evil, but still wild and untamed. I also like the way they play. I like their strong attacks, even if somewhat lower health balances it out. I like pretty much every unit in the faction, but especially the Raindancer tree. Also, I feel like they suit my play style somehow, although I can never quite put my finger on it. I helped with some of the additional units fot EE's expanded version of the faction, but I like the original the best.

Windsong can be fun, too. In fact, I submitted some unit descriptions for them, although I don't remember how much of my work got into the final product.

EDIT: I also helped with the Issaelfr.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Calm »


True to its name, this faction throws a normal game into disarray. Its units have so much offensive potential that you can break just about any position---but its units have an extremely propensity for dying, as well.

On the whole, I think they're quite balanced, and would love for them to be mainlined.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by ForestDragon »

Destroyers (EoMa) - it's one of those 'everyone hates fighting against' faction.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Elder2 »

I like Windsong, back in the days I used to like them very much, I loved the Song of Fire campaign (I actually loved all the 3 campaigns of the series) and I loved playing with windsong there. They are a strong faction and have some unique units like the troll teleporting crystal, the slowing mage and the gatekeeper fist fighting girl but in the end you realize that they are quite straight-forvard.
You just make these defensive gatekeepers, the mages, maybe a few skirmisher seekers and that is how you roll, actually if you want you can just spam gatekeepers and win like that, the mages are interesting but they feel weird since they don't do a lot of damage. I still like them and I really like their lore and concept of them but they are boring. Edit: Now that I look on gatekeeper, for 15 g its definitely op, no wonder they felt so incredibly strong, all the other windsong units pale in comparison to them.

I think now I would say that my fav faction is probably the rather unpopular Yokai, they are actually very interesting, unique and fun faction. You have plague, a powerful draining unit and a lot of heal on various units, and your blade-dealing-damage mages deal good damage and at lvl 3 they get pretty ridiculous. Also their wose-like defensive units with mele slow are nice, and you have spider-like Yokai with ranged slow as well. And they have a lot of lvl 0 units, I am not sure how it would feel to play with them 1vs1 a real player but that definitely would be interesting and unique, so far I had great time playing with them vs ai, the plague, heal (I think they have the most heal of all the ageless factions) and drain are amazing, and so are the mages. And well, Yokai are a great concept to explore.

So in short: Yokai
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by The_Gnat »

Because of my biases i will not mention my own creations ;) other than that i believe that my favorite faction would either be Era of Magic's Summoners, or Era of Magic's Dark Blood, or the Dark Legion (as eagle 11 said: they seem boring but are actually very interesting, in a unique way 8) )

(Also argwathi is a good faction, and i really like its artwork)
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by Transfermium »

Probably either the Windsong or the Lavinian Legion.
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Re: What user-made factions do you most like?

Post by The_Gnat »

Just an idea, maybe from now on people could post links to the unit database so that anyone who is interested in the factions listed can easily view them :D

(i have edited my post)
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