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Ranked play

Post by Akumala »

Are there any plans to add official ranked play, means ranked play over the lobby?
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Re: Ranked play

Post by Dixie »

If my intel is still up to date, the devs are in fact adamantly opposed to this and it should never ever be a part of wesnoth. There certainly is a very good reason for this attitude, but I can't exactly recall off the top of my head, sorry. But I guess you could go read the FPI list in the ideas section, there certainly is a paragraph on this.
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Re: Ranked play

Post by vultraz »

Add a scoring and rank system to MP
Background: Some users would like a way to rank players based on their skill in MP.
Result: This system would change the focus of MP from fun to points-scoring, as well as encourage cheating, so it will not be implemented.
I personally would be fine with the former. However, we do not have the necessary infrastructure or manpower to guard against cheating, a much more serious issue when ranked play is involved, especially given how you can access and edit the MP scenario files so easily. Given that, and the fact that we do not have the ability to deal with the large number of reports and complaints that would result from such a feature, it won't be implemented any time soon.
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Re: Ranked play

Post by tekelili »

vultraz wrote:we do not have the necessary infrastructure or manpower to guard against cheating
I perfectly understand that. However, lack of collaboration (and in my imho some hostile feeling) with unofficial rankings was very harmfull for BfW. Give ladder project a miserable thread to manage comunication with players was shot its legs imho. I am not interested in ranked play as it is reduced to a narrow 1v1 enverioment, but when a player joins a multiplayer cooperative game, whole comunity would have profited from some kind of ranking. Players joining to games without any knowledge of special mechanics hosted by players willing for mates of their skill, have being source of rage in game chats for yers.

Sincerely, a lot of frustation from usual multiplayer users, and lot of ugly behavior percibed by casual users, could have been solved if an "unofficial elo" were displayed in lobby.
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Re: Ranked play

Post by iceiceice »

My impression from the last time this was discussed was that it shakes out something like this:
- We aren't interested in hosting an "official" ranked play system right now for a variety of reasons
- Some devs (fabi iirc, maybe others) expressed support for the idea of an API / bindings to help "unofficial" ladders integrate with the client.

For example this might give you an easier way in the game to report a win to an external site or id a player against some database, things like this.
However, there is no one afaik who is actively developing any more "unofficial ladder" code, so it's purely hypothetical. Also there are no devs afaik working on this directly. I think the framework I'm proposing for a different feature here: http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=40934 might be powerful enough to support stuff like this but there is no timeline on that.

Sorry, not going to dig up references right now, maybe later.
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