[Mainline] Delfador's unit's level is too high for his stats

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[Mainline] Delfador's unit's level is too high for his stats

Post by Swiss_Army_Cheese »

When comparing unit's stats, the Elder Mage's HP (60) and Damage output (both his Melee and Ranged attacks 8-2 and 14-4) are lower than the Great Mage's [acronym=or as the french presumably say "La Hitpoints"]HP[/acronym] (65) and Attack stats (Melee 9-2 blunt; Ranged 16-4 fire)
The only variable where Delfador is greater than the Great Mage is his movement speed (With EM having 6 MP to GM's 5) Which means that either Delfador is unusually spry for his age (which, as I have noticed since version 1.11.5 he lacks the "Aged" trait, so this seems to be the case) or that all that warm clothing must be really be slowing the Great Mage down. This begs the question on what a fire mage is doing dressed up for a Siberian winter. But I digress.

Given the operrunity to either use Delfador or a Greatmage, the only time I would use Delfador is if I wanted to level up enemy units, but Delfador is so fragile and his life so mandatory to the HttT's victory conditions that it makes his role as a tutor for the enemy useless.

My ultimatum suggestion
You could do either:
1; Turn the Elder Mage into a level 4 unit
2; Make it so rewrite the entire HttT campaign so that things can progress smoothly in the event of Delfador's untimely death
3; Argue that Delfador's movement points somehow justify his higher level and his lower stats
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Re: [Mainline] Delfador's unit's level is too high for his s

Post by Xudo »

Level is NOT power. Level is ONLY the quantity of xp for enemies, who survived after attack, and quantity of gold spent every turn on this unit.
As long as Delfador is loyal, gold aspect does not matter. It means the only aspect relevant for arguing is quantity of xp given to enemies after delfadors attack.

You mention that Delfador is "tutor" in HTTT. Thats why I propose to increase his level to 24. It will allow levelling of WC in single hit. Levelled WC will be killed in next turn for greater amount of XP for allied units.
In the same time, it leaves enough XP for most of lvl1 units to be killed without unwanted levelling.
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Re: [Mainline] Delfador's unit's level is too high for his s

Post by Dixie »

Yeah, you lost me there:
Swiss_Army_Cheese wrote:Preamble
When comparing unit's stats [...]
Comparing unit stats in Wesnoth is rarely if ever a good argument. Not only are factions balanced against factions, so unit vs unit comparisons are useless, but pure argument like this never really get a unit's stats to change, you'd need to provide replay evidence.

You are also omitting two other of Delf's advantages:
1) You start with him already on the field, so you don't need to waste valuable 1st turn castle hexes to recall him and the 20 gold this would cost you;
2) He is loyal, meaning you don't pay upkeep for him and can thus support more units on the field.
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Re: [Mainline] Delfador's unit's level is too high for his s

Post by Crow_T »

I think Delfador is too powerful, he steals kills. If I were to play HttT again I'd probably nerf his magic damage (even as low as 10-4) and give him some skills, like slow (lightning shocks the enemy) and maybe cure. Make him more of a good support unit. I wonder if you could increase his lightning damage if an enemy is standing in the water. Or another good old man skill would be a leadership type aura where he could give a magic attack only bonus to surrounding units and/or magic defense bonus to them :hmm: Anyhow, it's easy enough to mod the unit.cfg and try any ideas you may have.
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