recall army ? (not working)

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recall army ? (not working)

Post by qmuddy1 »

heir to throne campaign, black water port (2nd scenario), i have leader in castle, click 'recall', get message 'must have leader on a keep' ? thanks my 5 units from 1st scenaio (escape) are in the list , after i click 'recall' ? thanks
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Re: recall army ? (not working)

Post by Velensk »

Was your leader on a keep when you tried?
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Re: recall army ? (not working)

Post by Dixie »

It's not just about having your leader in the "castle", there usually is a castle tile that's a bit higher, with a throne or spires or stuff differentiating it from other castle tiles. That's the "Keep", your leader must be on it for any recruiting or recalling to happen.

Edit: Also, if you're such a newcomer to the game, maybe you should start by playing the tutorial and/or an easier campaign, like The South Guard. Wesnoth is not like most games in that there's a learning curve and the difficulty levels DO make a difference. Unlike most commercial games, "normal" is not "easy even on a first playthrough" and "easy" is not "absolute child's play without any kind of challenge"...
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Re: recall army ? (not working)

Post by Pentarctagon »

qmuddy, if you have multiple questions at the same time, please ask them all in one thread.
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