Incremental updates to 1.11.8 uploaded

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Incremental updates to 1.11.8 uploaded

Post by techtonik »

I've uploaded incremental update archive from 1.11.7 to
1.11.8 here:

The archive contains new files and binary files that are
changed between versions. It is Windows only, because
I don't know how to handle Linux binaries - they require
some of packaging, so it looks like usual "unzip" installation
method just won't work there.

There are additional NoTranslations and NoMusic archives
provided (which I believe are not required for majority)
and you can estimate that translates take the
major part of the update size. It may worth to fetch and
update translations from Wesnoth itself dynamically.

I uploaded incremental updates archives for other versions
as well. There unlikely to be any more releases, because
(1) Google Code officially shuts down downloads and
(2) archives appeared to be quite unpopular, and I don't
feel like they are useful for anyone. One of the reasons is
that they are released late. I could automate the process,
but it requires the manual step of installing Wesnoth every
time, which can not be automated on server (unless your
server is Windows machine). I can unpack .exe file, but
NSIS scripts are written in a way that make some files
mixed up in $_OUTDIR subdirectory.

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