Siege of Elsensefar/Difficulty question

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Re: Siege of Elsensefar/Difficulty question

Post by Beleth » December 16th, 2013, 5:41 pm

Velensk wrote:This is my rule of thumb: The harder the campaign, the more important gold is as opposed to keeping leveled units.

The reason for this is pretty simple, the harder the campaign, generally the more enemies are being thrown at you and thus the easier it is to advance units and replace leveled units. Therefore as long as you're constantly recruiting your reserves will grow from the survivors.
Huh. That's a rather interesting way of looking at things, and quite different from how I've been approaching campaigns.

My thinking was that the harder the campaign the greater the need for more experienced units because experienced units perform better. However, you have a really good point that harder campaigns also lend themselves to leveling up easily, and as I'm experiencing in my Liberty playthrough you really need to have decoy units to soak up damage, distract the AI, etc., and that's something you can't do with gold.

Adding on to this, in general the Level 1 -> Level 2 jump seems to be significantly more important than the Level 2 -> Level 3 jump (or L3 -> L4), so as long as you have a reasonable level of control over which of your L1 units are getting kills then on the harder campaign settings with more enemies you should be able to assure yourself of a decent stream of new L2's.

Definitely some food for thought. :)

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Re: Siege of Elsensefar/Difficulty question

Post by revolting_peasant » March 10th, 2018, 1:28 pm

Can someone redo @beleth's replay with a recent version? I can't run this replay in 1.3.10, it says there's a missing unit type.

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