[Complete] PvP Wesnoth Life Tournaments

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[Complete] PvP Wesnoth Life Tournaments

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Hello. I'm from Russian Wesnoth Community - Wesnoth Life (http://www.wesnothlife.ru). We are developed platform for PvP tournaments. Now we have regular tournaments predominantly with Russian-speaking players (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan). But we also created English version of tournament site, and I want to see opinion of international community - do you want play in our PvP tournaments? It's cup tournaments with up to one or two victories by tour, or league tournaments with scheme like in football national championship. Also we have ELO rating of our players and some other functions. Link to Wesnoth Life tournaments site - http://tour.wesnothlife.ru/?lang=english.
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Re: PvP Wesnoth Life Tournaments

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Please note that this site may appear as dangerous if you're using WOT addon for your browser.
This information is no longer correct, as the site has been cleaned from the virus threat and is completely safe.

Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience.

-- ghyr-easeus / id_steamhater@wesnothlife.ru
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