exiting automatically

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exiting automatically

Post by novotny »

so i've played a few multiplayer games, yet some of them seem to disconnect me automatically, even when i do nothing....

i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and how to fix it
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Re: exiting automatically

Post by Pentarctagon »

When posting a problem here, you should always at least include your OS and what version of wesnoth you are using.
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Re: exiting automatically

Post by Yogibear »

Yes, it happens to others, too (me included). However it is not reproducible, at least not easily and therefore very hard to track. We are aware of the problem but it might take a while to find the real cause.
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Re: exiting automatically

Post by Silentouch »

I have alsp had this problem. I will enter or start a multi-player game, it will allow me to play through a few turns, then randomly dump me with an error message. Something about Runtime error. I am running the most recent version of windows XP if that helps. Next time it happens (and it will if I try multiplay again) I will post witht the exact error message if that helps narrow this down any. As of now it makes multiplayer games unplayable for me which is very sad.
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Re: exiting automatically

Post by Ajogamer »

I've had Wesnoth close on me twice now in multiplayer games. The second time, it happened right as as the time limit of my turn ran out, and forced the end of my turn. I was in the middle of trying to commanding one of my units, so perhaps that could have something to do with it. As for the first time it happened, I don't remember it too well, but I think it also happened as a turn of mine was ending due to a time limit. Not sure if I was commanding units or not, though. Also, I got no error messages when it closed; it just exited streight out as if I had closed it myself.

So about my system/wesnoth version - My system's Windows XP, and I was running version 1.85 of Wesnoth.

So yeah, that's all the details I have. Not really expecting a solution since it's hard to reproduce, but I thought I'd speak up in case any of this information is helpful in eventually figuring out the cause of the issue.
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