Improvement to the MP lobby: hour next to messages

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Improvement to the MP lobby: hour next to messages

Post by Dixie »

I just thought it would be nice if the hour at which messages were written was shown next to them in the MP lobby. Sometimes, I'm gonna be in the lobby, but if there are no interesting games or something else temporarily calls for my attention, I can go afk for sometimes. Then, sometimes people whisper me, or other people just suggest games in the lobby, or whatever, but I have no means to know if that was 30 seconds ago, 15 minutes, or hours. Sure, I guess I could just assume any previous message is outdated, but it would still be nice to know the time at which it was written. It could be displayed at the right end of the chat log, or near the names at the left, whatever.

Also, if it were not possible to base this on each users computer, it could just be a generic time (like, say, GMT 0), with a clock somewhere to serve as reference. Or something like "15:32 minutes after connection to the lobby" (obviously abbreviated; could also be replaced by "after connection to the server" if it is simpler)

Anyway, whatever you can do, just some measure of time, whatever it is, could be nice to have. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)
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Re: Improvement to the MP lobby: hour next to messages

Post by Hulavuta »

It sounds like a good idea. Kind of like IRC? That accurately gives the time but isn't big enough to get annoying.
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Re: Improvement to the MP lobby: hour next to messages

Post by markm »

Definitely sounds useful. Thanks too for mentioning that IRC has it, as my IRC client didn't have it turned on by default. Now I have turned it on and would definitly miss it if hanging in the lounge instead of on IRC.

In the past on somewhat dead venues I have also noticed knowing time of day but not how many days ago can also be a pain. Hopefully lounges aren't that dead I suppose but liveliness might vary by version? (Are old versions unsupported by the time they get that dead though?)

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Re: Improvement to the MP lobby: hour next to messages

Post by jb »

Preferences -> Multiplayer -> ChatTimestamping.
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