Add-on Crash

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Add-on Crash

Post by Lollipopz »

I downloaded Ranged era, and 2/3 of my add-ons disappeared! It said something about "error with Orocia add-on, can't find"
I am using Windows XP, wesnoth version 1.8.1, as I am too lazy to download better.
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Re: Add-on Crash

Post by zookeeper »

Works for me.
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Re: Add-on Crash

Post by mich »

I haven't problems with ranged era. Are you sure that this problem is caused by ranged era? Are you sure that the download was successfully? Please try to remove ranged era and see if the problem persist. If the problem is really caused by ranged era, please give me all the informations about this problem and I will try to fix it.
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