How long was your longest match?

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How long was your longest match?

Post by tvrtko »

Singleplayer or multiplayer, no campaigns. Mine was around 2 and a half hour vs 4 ai enemies. Don't remember the map. Edit: survivals included.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Gambit »

6 days. Saving and loading. 2-3 hours a day.
We had someone different for side 3 every single day but sides 1 and 2 were me and Cmonyiman. 4 was xxx_cz. Oh those were the days.

Offline I've played a single game saving and loading for 3 and a half weeks.

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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Caphriel »

Off hand... four hours for a 2v2 game on Paths of Daggers, spread over two evenings. And we didn't even finish it; one team resigned.

It's silly to compare real-time durations of different game modes, though. The more players, the longer it'll take. If there's no time limit, it'll take longer. Survival games seem to last forever.

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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by grzywacz »

They should be called "player survival games".

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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Aethaeryn »

In one session, probably more than ten hours playing Brotherhood of Light. We didn't finish.

In more than one session, probably about 3 days with 5+ hours each playing Becephalus's massive Westaros (sp?) map.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Turuk »

I have not played one, but I have seen players playing the World Conquest maps and it takes them multiple sessions as well, easily hours and hours.

I used to play Pilgrims of Orocia with a user who is not around anymore, and that easily took a few hours.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Araja »

About 7-8 hours on a Brotherhood of Light match with my friend, we played it from 7:45 to around 10:30 three nights in a row...

We also reached Turn 403.

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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by KKSlider »

A whole afternoon... around 5-6 hours.
That was kind of a tutorial match, though, I was personally training a friend who just bumped in Wesnoth. Plus, connection problems.

Lol, all that waiting to eventually lose the game, anyway XD
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by ElvenKing »

Well, I've played a couple 5-6 hour 3vs3.

Several 3-4 hour 2vs2.

And a couple of 3-4 hour 1vs1.

Those would probably be my longest.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by The Great Rings »

I can't recall. My longest would probably be on the Brotherhood of Light map, but since that's a very unusual map I don't know that it counts.

I had one match on Isar's Cross recently that went fairly long. It stands out in my memory because the game dragged on despite the small size of the map.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Pentarctagon »

my longest was total a 2 week match, playing 3-4 hrs per day. it was a 9 player FFA with 8 computer players. the map was 100x100, 5gp per village, 800 starting gold, +18 income. i did it because i just got a new computer and wanted to test out how far i could push wesnoth on it and because i just wanted to see a bunch of carnage. ended up using about 1.5GB of RAM, dealt over 100,000 damage, and killed several thousand units.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by chaoticwanderer »

^You're crazy Pent. :)
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by Velensk »

Longest standard mutiplayer match I've played was seven hours 2 vs 2 all in one go. I won it I think.
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Re: How long was your longest match?

Post by cobra »

I once played with a friend locally, for a 3 days, and about 4 hours a day. I won in the end. :D
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