Bug 1.5.5 crashes on enemy moves

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Bug 1.5.5 crashes on enemy moves

Post by epasseto »

Sorry for an old version bug report!
When is enemy moving time, sometime occurs that two enemy units try to move to the same target cell. When second enemy unit try to occupy cell already occupied, BFW imediatelly crashes!
Not very terrible, just read last saved data and there is. All movements already done, including enemy movements. I suppose first jammed enemy unit is simply deleted from scenario!
I do not tried an earlier version of BFW. So, if this bug is already fixed, sorry for reporting it.
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Re: Bug 1.5.5 crashes on enemy moves

Post by Baufo »

A classic example of how not to report a bug.

Some tips:
- use the latest version (obvious but you seem to be aware of this anyways)
- provide a savegame or a way to reproduce
- provide more information such as
- - who tries to move the unit (ai in singleplayer, human in multiplayer, ...)?
- - does it happen only in a particular scenario?
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