Emblem faction HELP WANTED

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Emblem faction HELP WANTED

Post by masaber2 »

i am working on stats, but i need really big help in pictures.. (i draw portraits but scanner wont work, and my photoshop demo is out of date..) so.. HELP WANTED

1. planner <what to change and stuff>
2. coloring helper <coloring>
3. balancer <unit balance>
4. and other <do random crap.>
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http://www.fireemblemworld.com/index.ph ... animations <- like one like that and more at download. i can't (and dont know how) to like cut animation to peices so i can recolor and make some changes...

ps. i have 3 unit graphic ready but i can't copy paste it.. is there is other way?

ps2. units are too big, then we can shurink it. fire emblem units are almost square.
----------------------from here units--------------------------------------------------

none made
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Re: Emblem faction

Post by masaber2 »

ok. stats. m next to % = movement m next to x-x =melee r is range b is blade i is impact f=fire ic=ice a= archane p= pierce

noble(m,f) lvl1 hp:23 <originaly as mymidons>
plain dodge-60% 1m mountain-70%2m house,vils-80% 1m water-40% 3m deep water-can't counter attack or attack, 10% 5m (so its swim) forest-70% 1m cave- 30% 2m

defense- weak by 20% to balde strong by 10% for impact and weak by 20% for fire (so fire and blade is easier to kill noble then impact)

weapon- light sword
slash- 5-3 m b
cut- 10-1 m b

scout <f> lvl0 hp:17 <originaly Amelia as recruit>
plain 50% 1 / mnt 50% 3 / vil 70% 1 / water 30% 2 / deep water 0% 99 / forest 60% 2 / cave 40% 3

def- every weapon's damage is decreased 10% when attacking scout
lance- 4-2 m p
Javelin- 7-1 r p
sword- 3-3 m b

Heavy infantry <m,f> lvl 3 hp: 67 <originaly hero>
plain 40% 1 / mnt 30% 3 / vil 50% / water 20% 5 / deep water 0% 99 / forest 40% 2 / cave 40% 2
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Re: Emblem faction HELP WANTED

Post by megane »

OK. Since you clearly haven't gotten the picture from the, what, three other threads you've started on this topic:

You cannot steal copyrighted art or ideas. No, no, no. You just can't. Drawing over them with slight changes and different colors in no way changes this fact. It's illegal (not to mention completely unimaginative).

I'd suggest you recant damn quick and come up with an idea of your own to obsess over.

Honestly, now. :?
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Re: Emblem faction HELP WANTED

Post by Wintermute »

megane wrote:You cannot steal copyrighted art or ideas. No, no, no. You just can't.
"I just started playing this game a few days ago, and I already see some balance issues."