Diagonal bridges

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Diagonal bridges

Post by Loriel »

As observed by Christophe33 recently in his "cavewall terrain" thread, the diagonal bridge terrain is rather badly aligned - see for example the first map in the Undead campaign.

I therefore created and tested a terrain tile outlining what I consider to be better alignment of the diagonal bridge.

Additionally I created three alternative versions with the bridge decking added, using suitably rotated/sheared versions of the basic bridge terrain, at angles of approximately 60, 30 and zero degrees to the horizontal. Unfortunately the rotation and shearing has produced rather fuzzy images.

I believe that the 30 degree version is the best, though I'm not entirely happy with the perspective in any of them.

I offer these examples to stimulate discussion, and the production of improved alternatives.
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Post by turin »

the most important thing is whether they tile correctly. do they? i would like to see some in-game shots of all of them tiled.
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