fighting and killing the undead

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fighting and killing the undead

Post by foobar »

Hello Guys.

I'm currently struggling against the undead. Which elven unit is usefult against them? archers suck, even on level 2 or 3.

White Mage and Knight rule - but I only got one white mage and one knight :(

How do you fight the undead? I haven't found yet a unit that can stand against some skeleton warriors with axe (the one with the bows are no trouble to defeat).

Anyone got a tip for me?

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Sangel »

If you think your Knight cuts through Undead, wait until it upgrades to a Paladin. ;)

Unfortunately, there are very few Elven Units which are lethal against Undead at Level 1. To kill them you want Impact, Fire, or Holy weaponry, and the Elves mainly use Blade and Pierce. Thankfully, all is not lost. Some sound tactics should see you through (assuming you're not already at "The Princess's Revenge" or some obscenely difficult Undead level like that).

Mages use a fire attack, and so can be quite brutal against Undead. Add a few more to your arsenal if you don't have any, and do your best to level them up - you've noticed that White Mages are effective, and Red Mages do quite nicely also.

Utilise healing! I can't stress this enough. That White Mage doesn't just toast Undead with holy bolts, he heals every unit around him for 8 HP every turn. Maximise this. If he isn't enough, add an Elvish Shaman. Not too good in combat, but she does do Impact damage, which can hurt lesser Undead badly under the right conditions.

And always, always always pick off lone units. Try and use a single Horseman for this if possible, so that it'll upgrade to Knight faster.

Hope this helps.
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Post by Boucman »

knight are good for taking damage, and aorganising a second line of healers/villages is mendatory, Elven shaman can do some job here.

for the offensive part, mages, lot, and whenever they are hurt, even a little, retreat, heal and back.

oh, and be VERY carefull about night and day. you don't want to fight at night, hide in the forest, put your knights on kills, and avoid battle, at all cost
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Post by Dave »

Also note that although undead are very resistance to piercing attacks, they're not that resistance to 'blade' attacks.

Use Elvish Fighters, and other units with blade attacks against them for decent damage.

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Post by Eponymous-Archon »

As has been noted elsewhere, also be careful about units that are too powerful against the undead being on the front lines. They tend to take a hit before killing the walking corpses, with the result that they sometimes die as a result of their success. Not such a big risk on this level because there aren't that many of them, but it can be a problem, so be aware of it.
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Post by Star Gazer »

Best bet is tightly knit groups, especially effective if you've got higher level characters with 'leadership' ability and others with healing.

If you can fight with the leader in the middle, they will boost all the attacks and defences of the rest of the troops. Again, the healer near the centre to heal those around them; white mages with fighters either side, never exposed to multiple attacks. I created a few new units just to act as cannon fodder and give the higher level units a chance to regenerate points.

If we're talking the Princess's revenge then get the Holy Waters for a couple of elven fighters, those with the strongest sword attacks, it will double the damage they do.

Use Paladins (if you've got them!) to foray and capture towns, denying the enemy the ability to create excessive numbers of units, and it tends to attract some of the wraiths(?) to try and knock them out, distracting them from attacking other targets. If the paladin is in a town/village, if you just defend, the monster can often wipe itself out attacking you, whilst the paladin regenerates every round! Remember that they can also heal other units.

I really struggled with this particular scenario, until I realised that I needed to go back and study the characteristics of the different units more closely, and group them together carefully; and use new units as a living (dying?) shield (my God, I would have made a horrendous general in the First World War!!!).

Once you master this level, you'll find some of the others a push over.

The river crossing is another pig of a scenario, really got to hand it to the creators of the game, they've done an excellent job! :wink:
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Re: Tactics

Post by Eponymous-Archon »

Star Gazer wrote:The river crossing is another pig of a scenario
There's another thread on that scenario, but frankly I find it a bit easy. Just run like hell and sacrifice a few mermen to the sea creatures.
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Fighting the undead

Post by santi »

Elvish marshals and Champions are also strong, as usual. If you are talking about the princess's revenge scenario, you basically need to storm one undead commander and hold off the rest. The problem is not that undead are hard to kill, it's that there are so many of them, and(at least on Medium) fast and smart[for instance while walking corpses make little damage alone, when you have about 10 of them hitting your frontline units-and dying to leave a space for the next-, this can add up to significant damage. So your front line units will take a hit and you need healers, luck and good strategy to fight them off

santi 8)
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