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Contribute art for mainline Wesnoth.

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Create your own heads, don't nick them, that is possible the hardest and most recognisable part in my opinion. Also change the poses in the animations, if you are thrusting a spear, are you going to just flail about with your arms, or are you going to push with your legs and put weight into it. That is the part that has improbed me the most. actually trying really really hard to change the pose.
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As previously stated, I think they should have white wings, and the clothing should be much whiter. I don't see what's so wrong about the traditional image of angels. I think with his wings white, white robes, blonde hair, and a long spear, he'd look great, instantly recognizable as an angel, (instead of taking somebody's word for it that's it's not some elf with freakish green wings), and not be so similar to the demon unit. I mean, seriously, they're polar opposites, they should look it. My $0.02.
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Sorry for the meaningless post
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