New Haldric sprite

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New Haldric sprite

Post by marmalade »

I just got back into this game after several years away and I realized the Haldric sprite looks kinda dated, so I tried to put together a better version.
How does he look?
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Re: New Haldric sprite

Post by beetlenaut »

Small improvements in the current sprites might be possible, but we aren't going to be radically changing the concept like this. We already have portraits that match the current ones. Also, the striped pants are not optional for Haldric.

There are a lot of UMC authors that would be happy to have a sprite artist helping them out though, and if that's your first sprite, it's a pretty good effort. It does still have some issues, but you will get more constructive criticism and/or help to improve it in Art Workshop.
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Re: New Haldric sprite

Post by doofus-01 »

It's true that Haldric could use an update, and this new one does have a more SE-facing stance, but as beetlenaut says, it's a bit too much of a redesign.

As far as critique, how does it look with other units? It seems like it might be a bit small. His right leg is also a bit hard to read.
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