Use of the map graphics

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Use of the map graphics

Post by mpathy »

Hi there!

I have a question about using the graphics of Wesnoth for another program.
There is a program called "Wonderdraft", a wonderfull tool to create maps for roleplaying games and other purposes.
This program allows assets to be imported, which can be transparent PNGs.

After I played Wesnoth I was curious and had a look into those folders: ... es/terrain

They would be perfect for it!

The assets would not be sold, just made available to users of this program in the structure the program needs it.

Now I want to know, first of all, what license are they?
I get different answers online, one source said GPL another source said its CC by-sa 4.0

Of course in the readme file it would be noted that these are game assets from the game - giving it an attribution.

(Otherwise, if its not possible to make an archive for this use out of it, what about a script downloading the folders from github, and moving the PNGs to the right position?)

Would it be possible to use?

Thanks for clarification in advance
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Re: Use of the map graphics

Post by Pentarctagon »

Wesnoth's copyright policy for art can be found here. Specifically for your case, images are GPL if they were created prior to July 30th, 2017 and CC BY-SA 4.0 if they were created after that date.
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Re: Use of the map graphics

Post by Kippiis »

I personally prefer not to use other user's images.
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