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Re: Malin Keshar

Post by Zoomo »

I think he thought the wand swoosh was a melee attack, its actually him casting magic
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Re: Malin Keshar

Post by Sleepwalker »

This is nice work, :) I'd be for replacing the current sprites with this. Though more body motion would be nice the sword attack is good enough I think... I wouldn't say he looks more amateurish than any other units attack animation... It's a simple slash like most. The sword looks like it might be hitting ground because the shadow doesn't follow the sword. Keep in mind that weapon blurs should be opaque, which it seems you have done. The glow-y wand blur could be used as an halo effect.

I'm unsure of how the wand attack would look like in game, there are general guidelines that magic attacks should be a "lifting hands/staff/etc into the air" motion... But if it looks good then why not. Dark magic blasts are pretty straightforward compared to a mages magic missile for example. :hmm: did lvl1 Malin's magic attack have a direct missile? Was a long time ago I played DiD.

I like lvl1 Malins face but not really what you did with the lvl2...

Defence animations should be 2 frames, right now we only see one.
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Re: Malin Keshar

Post by homunculus »

As I understand, you are trying to improve and animate this: ... kness.html.

The sword slash now starts with a heroic effort of the wrist.
It is much easier to just pull (first red arrow) than to rotate the sword from the wrist, especially while moving the hand in the same direction.
Could be the reason why the slash looks bit stiff to me.
beginning of sword slash (the way i understand it)<br />red arrows--force<br />bright cyan dots--center of mass of sword
beginning of sword slash (the way i understand it)
red arrows--force
bright cyan dots--center of mass of sword
sword.png (647 Bytes) Viewed 4461 times
The magic wand glowing is a neat idea, but you don't really need to have it as a blur around the tip of the staff.
You cannot see light passing through pure air, you know, you see it when the light hits something (like dust or smoke or fog... or the face and the robes).
Meaning, you could add a secondary bright green light on the face and robes, you don't necessarily need to draw the light in mid-air.

Hopefully the sword direction change can be a suggestion on its own.
That is, the suggestion to change sword direction to point a bit higher in the final windup frame, so that the slash would start by pulling rather than rotating the sword, so that the brain can iterpet it without crashing.

The full implementation of what I think of those vectors would be a complete redraw, and would waste a lot of time and I wouldn't dare to suggest such thing.
As you probably see in the crude edit that is attached now, when e.g. the hand is pulling the sword forward then the body is being pulled backward.
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Re: Malin Keshar

Post by VYNLT »

Seems promising. Can't wait for this to be done. Malin's sprites definetly needed some change to differentiate his head from Konrad's more.
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