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Re: Jevyan

Post by Crow_T »

Those are very cool-looking, but under the hood they are the same old liches- has anyone considered beefing them up a bit, boss style? Either write some code up or check out the Dugi resource pack- it has some cool code in it to make these guys even more unique. Hate to see these sweet graphics go to waste ;)

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Re: Jevyan

Post by homunculus »

Now I see it, both your previous smooth horns and Zero's ridged horns looked more correct before copying and modifying Zero's horns. In the originals, the tip of the right horn looks like it should be more forward.

The new uncloaked Jevyan's horns look very nice : )
The end of the tail seems invisible unless you know it must be there, maybe it would become easier to interpret if it curved towards the background a bit earlier in the right side of the picture.
And there is something about the direction of the end of the staff that seems hard to explain without a picture.
staff-turn.gif (997 Bytes) Viewed 1931 times
That might be a nitpick, though, because I doubt the cloaked and uncloaked will be alternating like that, so that the staff end direction change would become obvious.
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Re: Jevyan

Post by alex23 »

woww they just look faar better than any other unit i know.. How do you make them/which programm do you use??

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