LordBob's random stuff : ancient wose

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Sapient »

These are all so cool! I can't stop looking at G because it is so fascinating, although it may be just a little too human compared to the others. My second pick would be H with the sword from D. I agree that B looks great as well, maybe with a hood showing a little less of the skull though.
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Zerovirus »

Yeah, if I had to pick I'd probably go with G's pose as well.

Heh, in the old days we'd have basically 9 workable portraits right here all in one place, no need to go any further in detail. How Wesnoth's art has changed since then...

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by tr0ll »

if the wraith is chatting i like B or J but if it is attacking i find F the scariest

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by TheCripple »

I favor A and D. Generally, the coloration of A works for me, but D seems to have a better pose in most respects, with the notable exception of the wraith's left arm. I also favor A regarding the equipment the wraith has, though the sword from F seems to be better.

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Kingslayer »

D, with the sword held like B and I.

I think a more passive (non-aggressive?) look is better, because if anything, if that can be scary, it shows that the mere presence of the thing is frightening.

As an afterthought...maybe add a bit more texture to the hood (if using D)? I love the hood on H.

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Adamant14 »

Although F is really cool -
I prefer D :)

D looks great. :)
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Dorimen »

E, I, looks funny :lol2: The second seems it says "Hello!"
I love D, but it seems too much to a Nazgul.

Anyway I prefer F and G! :wink:
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by nuorc »


I don't know why ghost line would or should have skulls.

Maybe it's my display, but one half looks kinda greenish while the other half looks kinda reddish; I'd be fine with having neither (just black/grey, but maybe that's too boring...).
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by AI »

I's head might be interesting for some ancient creature, but it doesn't really fit with the spectre. B looks cool (and has pretty much the same pose). D looks rather ringwraithy. I agree that F's empty hood makes it look scarier, but I'm not sure it fits well with the other portraits.

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by vultraz »

G, a faceless G, or a less-armored F.
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by GunChleoc »

I like G as well. No particular reason, I just like it.

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

Comparing A to I, F is the best one :D .

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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by Wussel »

Dear Lord Bob. I think you are overdoing. This 9 fellows are already almost perfect. Could you post a png version in the highest resolution you have? They are all good for user made content. They will be semi transparent anyway.

To answer your question: My vote is for F.

I just scaled your file up 3 times and removed the background and put them on 70%. 3000 x 2100 pixel and this would be all you need for an epic ghost hunter campaign.

Giving it a thought they would do for 9 Nazgul typ badies.
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by alluton »

I still prefer the ringwraith one. Tought A is cool one aswell.
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Re: LordBob's random stuff : wraith

Post by LordBob »

Thanks everyone. Based on your comments, B and D/G were appreciated the most: I'm designing the final model based on a mix of them. F got its fair share of votes too, but is too agressive a pose for dialog. Who knows, though, I might recycle it somewhare, eventually...

Wussel: these roughs are far from perfect, but the thought did cross my mind (that someone might find a use for them, not that I'm overdoing :mrgreen: ). Since the full-scale file is just as you would want it, I've attached it below. You'll have to do the cleaning and cutting out yourself, though.
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