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Post by MadMax »

I don't mean with another letter, I mean with a transition, like how it is done with roads without another character being added.

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Post by Christophe33 »

Actually 4 letters would be needed if we also want to add a snow version (for outdoor). Yes I have most of the canyons saved as separate layers, so it should not be a major work to get it as a separate overlay even though there might be some technical problems with the transparency I used for the canyon border. I also intend to have an underground version of the canyons I called abyss. However I want to finish some other underground terrain first.
Madax: if you want a transition for the present canyon toward another terrain, you should use the grass transitions. If you want the canyon to open (or end) in a cave, you will need a special overlay, maybe something like the dwarf doors.
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