Technical requirements for portraits

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Technical requirements for portraits

Post by thespaceinvader »

There are certain technical requirement for mainline portraits. For easy access, I'm going to sticky them here so people can read them and link to them rather than having to type them out every time they're needed.

Generic unit portraits:

Two sizes are needed. One goes in the help, one is used for dialogue. The first is 205x205 px on a black background. EDIT: This is no longer necessary.

The second is 400x400 px on a transparent background. Large units and units with long weapons etc can extend up to 500x500 px.

The unit should be facing to the right. There should be no cropping on the top or the right hand side of the portrait (for dialogue portraits - the smaller help portraits can be cropped on all four sides. Though major crops should be avoided, things like spears etc can be cropped off).

Alternate and character specific campaign portraits:

For portraits intended as alternates to be used in dialogue (as the current Orcish Warlords or the Human Marshals), or for portraits for a specific campaign character, only the dialogue portrait is necessary, so the second set of requirements above apply.

All file types should be .png

The non-technical bit:

Portraits don't have to match the sprite exactly. However, the type of weapon wielded should not change - so you could show a sword-wielding unit with a knife on his belt in addition to his sword, but not wielding a hammer or axe as a primary weapon. But if something specific is mentioned in the description, or is prominent on the sprite, then that shouldn't be changed. For instance, LordBob's Pikeman portrait replaces half-plate armour with a brigandine, which provides roughly equivalent protection. That's OK. Replacing the pike with a harpoon wouldn't be.
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