Captain Swings portrait work ... Undead

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Re: Captain Swings portrait work ... Undead

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Wow, just wow, the second Wraith is awesome, though it might not be as imposing as the original I personally prefer it. Hiding the face in a way makes sense as it gets around having to paint an invisible thing inside of the robes, plus it adds dramatic effect (something ghosts are famed for). I love the menacing feel to it, and how it's not a Ringwraith rip off.

Its portraits like this (and there have been others) that make me want to go play Wesnoth, and I'd love to see it included somewhere in the game.

(I know most of that is personal opinion and not much art critique but as I said there are a few pieces of art that really make me love Wesnoth).
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Re: Captain Swings portrait work ... Undead

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thespaceinvader wrote:Thinking about it, it could make an excellent campaign portrait, if you're willing to work on it. There's a good-guy Wraith in Northern Rebirth, Abhai, who probably wouldn't work well with the generic Wraith portrait when it's done. This sadder, more emotive portrait could fit him perfectly - if you have a quick look at the NR portraits, you should get an idea of the style =)

I'd love to see this one used there.
I'd love to see what you'll do with the other one - but I really fear it loses most of its impact without a face, and of course the sword handle needs work (the rounded one I did was a filler, so please give it a radical change!). Still allow me to shill for my new wraith, and see if I can persuade.

a. The armor is better on the new fellow in my opinion, as is the focus on the sword. The wraith is perhaps somehow more giant glowing evil weapon then spirit in my mind.
b. The lighting effects I have attempted to indicate with the red shading should make the portrait more dynamic and moody
c. Crazy wraith vs. brooding wraith, a worthwhile debate - it's hard to show crazy without a face though, but I think this manages brooding.
d. I generally feel that evil v. good issues in Wesnoth shouldn't be obvious. I rather enjoy playing the necromancer campaign, but I have a hard time as seeing necromancers as always 'evil' (Rise of Wesnoth has nods to this as well). Thus as neutral as one can make an army of the risen dead seems worthwhile to me.

Anyway just some thoughts - I've been trying to revisit some skeletons and the Shadow line as well - mostly because I really dread trying to figure workable but odd armor for the specter. Anyway I ramble.

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