Kitty's random stuff: The South Guard

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Re: Kitty's random stuff: The South Guard

Post by Jetrel »

I've committed these portraits.
beetlenaut wrote:I know that Jetryl called HttT, but that was at least a year ago when most of them needed work. Now that it's the only one not being worked on, he might let you do it. You could ask.
She did, in fact, and I gave her (+ LordBob) the go-ahead to do HttT.

I had wanted to do it, but I've had no time to practice much figure drawing in the past year or so, and they've only gotten better. There's just no way I'm going to match their quality in even years of practice, and we can't wait on that.

I do still want to do portraits for wesnoth, I just am not going to keep one of the hallmark campaigns ugly for my own silly sense of fulfillment.
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