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turin wrote:
MadMax wrote:I think either this or the Darawrf (seriously!) could be a good scout unit. It fits that a small dwarf (is that what a gnome is?) would be a good scout, but a weak fighter. It could also be a healer and poisoner, however. But with the graphics, I think it looks good.
gnomes are nothing like dwarves. dwarves are ~4ft high (~1.5 m), have large beards, and have a lot of armor. gnomes are about 1 foot tall, are bald, and don't have any weapons (they can curse you, though, IIRC). gnomes are like what goblins were before tolkien came along.
from what I have seen gnomes were essentially the Shoemaker's Elves, or the Keebler Elves. Though they could have beards, a good many did not, not much more than humans do, though beards I suppose were in "fashion" for those who could have them. :roll:

Anyhoo, they were obviously not known for their prowess in battle, though I have seen many a game where they could fight. They weren't really known for incredible sorcery, either, but more for the craft of their machinery and handiwork.

Their small size made them quite elusive, as well, and they were known for being surprisingly fleet of foot.


On a side note, I would like to say that the barbarian looks great - his weapon makes him lean more in the direction of caveman, but he is still very well done. I nominate you for "Official Cobretti Helper"
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There are many types of gnomes. The lawn gnomes are brilliantly detailed in a Book titled "gnomes" by Poortvliet and Huygen published in 1976. I think it is a scandanavian book.

D&D gnomes are very different, they are smaller cousins of dwarves who love to tinker and build machines. I could see gnomes being a sub-race in the dwarven faction, but they are small, and dwarves already use machines/guns in Wesnoth.
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Another idea would be gnomes as the magicians of the faction, but the runemasters are filling that niche. I could see gnomes as being smaller cousins of the dwarfs who are more slippery and movable -- slightliy higher movement rate and skirmish, maybe -- to fill the niche of the thief, though I wouldn't necessarily give them backstab or poison. (Got to leave an advantage for the human thieves and the orcs....)
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Asereje wrote:Thanks :)
I've fixed the gnome's shoulder, and I've done a barbarian unit (a caprice). Maybe could be useful for somebody.I borrowed the color weft of the club from the troll pic.

Anyway, i've read about one page with missed images, so I'm going to start making useful images instead of these whim ones :wink:
I find the barbarian image interesting. I hope you don't mind me modifying it to use it in the barbarian faction sometime in the future.
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find the barbarian image interesting. I hope you don't mind me modifying it to use it in the barbarian faction sometime in the future.
of course! feel free to do whatever you want with it
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I want some of that gnomes to tidy up my garden
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