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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by Mabuse » September 17th, 2008, 1:03 am

Syntax_Error wrote:alright, added variations (mesilliac improved the cfg), fixed a missing tile and replaced the "roof". yea the solid part doesnt look all woody, but the more harmless the transitions with stone wall will be.

its pretty much ready by me. anyone wanna commit? :)

btw, i found a slight bug in the second Wooden-Wall release.

the terrain is defined as "Xow", but if you draw the Walls you draw "Xoc"
in the first release its defined as "Xoc" and also drawn as "Xoc"

so i guess you just forgot it.

as said, just slight bug, i you wanna use this, you may anyway check it and/or rename ;)
(or make slight modifications, etc)
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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by dontano » September 17th, 2008, 5:15 pm

Awesome! I already downloaded it. :mrgreen: This is really a step forward in improving Wesnoth Art. I was actually looking for this...

PS: don't mind me, I'm just in a good mood. XD
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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by mercurius999 » December 14th, 2011, 9:07 am

hello there,

I have some trouble using this in my campign.

may be i'm doing something wrong (or this is outdated?): i cant use this wall.cfg with the images of wooden-wall a the bottom of first page of the thread.

i have done the few modification needed in the cfg file and putted images in my campaign images/terrain directory, modified the _main.cfg to include wall.cfg in the editor section.

i have the correct image in the editor panel but when I draw with wooden wall i get only black holes but the letter of terrain is correct in the map.

some help appreciated??

PS I also changed [terrain] in [terrain_type]


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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by artisticdude » December 14th, 2011, 1:56 pm

There are a number of 1.9 add-ons that already use these wooden walls, I suggest looking at those (my RPG project Aeranor: Book I uses them, and Crendgrim's RPG "The Quest of Wesnoth" uses them as well). I know other UMC's also use them, but I can't name any specifically (I want to say the 1.8 add-on "The Altaz Mariners" uses them too, but I can't swear to that).

(Making a mental note to look this thread over later and see if it's useful as wiki-fodder.)
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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by mercurius999 » December 15th, 2011, 9:20 am

many thanks artisticdude i'll check out this addons and, if i find a solution, i'll post it


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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by Anonymissimus » December 15th, 2011, 3:24 pm

IIRC what I needed in TEG to make it work in trunk is only

Code: Select all

#wooden walls
	name= _ "Wall"
{WALL_ADJACENT egWw (!,Xo*, Xu*,egWw) IMAGE_SINGLE walls/wall-wooden walls/wall-wooden-base}
The images are in images/terrain/walls/ accordingly.
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Re: Make your own walls!

Post by Wussel » October 8th, 2016, 7:37 am

Is there still somebody around of this people?

I do have a question: When I helped myself to some wesometric walls last year I found that using stripes of 27 pixels each worked best.

Looking at these wall concepts shows that this wall is using 23 pixels as dividers. This is what I do not understand.

Could somebody bring some light please?

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