A New Order.

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Re: A New Order.

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That directory is empty

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Re: A New Order.

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14b: There are keeping > They are keeping

19c: plural^you [this is in some dialog. I think it caused everything before 'you' to be skipped. Either that or ^ is a symbol like a page break and I clicked past the first page w/o seeing it]

19c: AI could have had an easy win on turn 5, which isn't fair because there's no way I could get there in 4 turns to do anything about it

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Re: A New Order.

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Hi getting a wml error at the end Bontom, when you rescue reme. I killed all of the enemy leaders and got invalid WML found [unstored_unit]: variable ‘ano_kyobaine_stored’ doesn’t exist. I’m on iPad

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