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Re: A New Order.

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That directory is empty
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Re: A New Order.

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14b: There are keeping > They are keeping

19c: plural^you [this is in some dialog. I think it caused everything before 'you' to be skipped. Either that or ^ is a symbol like a page break and I clicked past the first page w/o seeing it]

19c: AI could have had an easy win on turn 5, which isn't fair because there's no way I could get there in 4 turns to do anything about it
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Re: A New Order.

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Hi getting a wml error at the end Bontom, when you rescue reme. I killed all of the enemy leaders and got invalid WML found [unstored_unit]: variable ‘ano_kyobaine_stored’ doesn’t exist. I’m on iPad
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Re: A New Order.

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So, I played thru this campaign once, during which I made some edits to it, and am now on a second playthru of it to edit it more thoroughly. My initial edits can be found here: https://github.com/cooljeanius/wesnoth_ ... _New_Order
...and my repository for my second-round of full-campaign edits can be found here: https://github.com/cooljeanius/A_New_Order
Right now the things I am working on (or at least thinking of working on) are:
  • Coming up with new AI instructions in S02 (Fighting for Passage) to keep your allies from stealing your kills, which thereby prevents you from getting the EXP you're supposed to get in that scenario
  • Ensuring the gold bonus carryover from The Battle of Barnon into subsequent scenarios works properly, because currently I don't think it has actually been doing that
  • Copyediting
Any help would be appreciated!
Wesnoth-related GitHub repos:
General mods collection, SotBEEE, AToTBWaTD, The Earth's Gut, A Little Adventure
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