Freed Undead Campaign Idea

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Freed Undead Campaign Idea

Post by dragonknight44 » August 24th, 2018, 2:50 pm

I have an idea for a campaign called Freed Undead which would explore the possibility of undead becoming conscious and leaving the control of necromancers. The campaign would take place approximately around 627 YW, found here. However, I haven't learned WML so I can't create this myself(yet). Anyone who is interested in this campaign premise and would like to create this campaign can. I will underline my ideas for the campaign below, but if you are creating the campaign you can change parts that you feel should be different.

Main Scenario Ideas:
1. Grrbryant (main character; zombie) becomes conscious in the middle of a battle between a Dark Adept (his previous controller) and a Sergeant. The Dark Adept should be portrayed as inexperienced (which should be obvious to the player and used to explain why he lost control of Grrbyant) and should be slightly losing to the Sergeant. The Dark adept should be able to recruit zombies, bats, skeletons, skeleton archers, and ghouls. The Sergeant should recruit spearmen, archers, heavy infantry, and mages. Grrbryant should be near the middle of the map, which should be relatively small and mostly forests. Both sides should have 100 gold to start. Grrbyrant should have to move to a signpost at the edge of the map to escape from the fighting. Both sides will attack him.

2. After escaping, Grrbryant rallies other escaped zombies to him. He is angry at necromancers for enslaving him and other undead and decides to free other undead and take his revenge against necromancers. He should have a battle against another Dark Adept who can recruit skeleton warriors and skeleton archers. Whenever an undead unit is killed, the unit should come back to life under Grrbryant's control as whatever it originally was(like the plague effect but better); so skeletons to skeletons, ghouls to ghouls, etc. Zombies under Grrbryant's control should be able to level to level 3. The battlefield should be mostly swampy with the keep of the dark adept being a swamp castle ruin. Grrbryant shouldn't be able to recruit and should instead start with 6 zombies(level 0) around him.

3. The scenario begins with Grrbryant in one corner of a triangular map and a paladin in another corner. The last corner should be occupied with a lich. The lich shouldn't have a keep but the other two should each have a keep. The paladin will have two mages of light and an archmage with him. The paladin should threaten the lich and talk about how he has finally cornered the lich. The lich should then threaten the paladin and tell him that he has walked into a trap. Then the lich should create 2 more liches and a few level 3 skeletons as well as 2 specters. Grrbryant should offer to help the paladin destroy the lich and explain his goal of killing all those who disturb the rest of the dead. The paladin should refuse the offer and insist that he will never ally with any undead. Then, Grrbyrant should have to defeat both the lich and the paladin. Grrbryant should be able to recall any of the previous units he used but should only be able to recruit zombies. After Grrbryant kills the paladin, he should get a zombie version of him called a death paladin(see below for the description). After killing any other undead, the undead should come back to life under Grrbryant's control(including liches). To win the scenario, both the paladin and lich have to be killed.

After these 3 scenarios, the campaign should have about another 7 scenarios. Some of my possible ideas of how to continue the campaign include:
Grrbryant could have another unit he controls rebel against him
Grrbryant could try to get another race help him in his quest, could be orcs, elves, or outlaws
Grrbryant defeats Mal-Trankar, an ancient lich who is second in command to Mal-Ravanal
Differences From Other Campaigns:
All freed undead should have names to show that they are individuals and no longer mindless beings being controlled by a necromancer.

Zombies under Grrbryant's control should be able to level to level 3.
Battalion (this should show a picture of a few zombies)
Legion (this should have many zombies in the picture of the unit)
cost: 24
hp: 60
mp: 5
xp: 100
3 - 10(swarm)(impact)(plague)(melee)
regenerates, undead
30% defense everywhere

cost: 35
hp: 80
mp: 6
xp: 100
5 - 12(swarm)(impact)(plague)(melee)(poison)
regenerates, undead
30% defense everywhere

Death Paladin:
8 - 5 (arcane)(melee)
10 - 2 (charge)(pierce)(melee)
heals +4, undead, same terrain defense as a paladin

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Re: Freed Undead Campaign Idea

Post by tribes55 » August 25th, 2018, 1:00 pm

If you would like to see the campaign come into fruition, you'd best learn WML. There's not much to learn. You can learn it in less than a day. All you need to do is memorize some things and it becomes trial and error.
Here is a good place to start for WML:

Otherwise, if you're looking for someone to go over the nitty-gritty plot details with you, I'd suggest the writers' forum.

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Re: Freed Undead Campaign Idea

Post by ResExsention » August 25th, 2018, 10:23 pm

Seconded. WML is quite actually on the higher end on easiest programming languages to learn and is a really good beginners' language. It's art that may be a problem. I would totally be willing to collaborate with you if you'd like, but it would still be a good idea to learn. Tribes55 has already provided a good link to start at, so I suppose I don't have to do such a thing.

As for art, what would be preferable would be to move it to the art workshop. There, people can help you out on anything that you decide to develop. Plus, there are a lot of tutorials on the wiki that help people get started with pixel and portrait art; two vital things with wesnoth art.

And, like Tribes55 said, if you would like your plot and dialogue reviewed, you should also post that in the writers' forum.

But for now, you have a good idea. It would make to be an interesting campaign.
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