The Young Khan (1.14 Dunefolk Campaign) SCENARIO 7

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Re: The Young Khan (1.14 Dunefolk Campaign) SCENARIO 7

Post by CalculusKing » July 14th, 2018, 10:19 pm

I've got Scenario 7 done. Not ready to update server yet: I am waiting to finish Scen 8 and 9 before that. To play it, you will need to put the two attached utility files in their correct folders as well. This is because a new character is introduced in this scenario.

A few tips on strategy for this very intense mission:
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Re: The Young Khan (1.14 Dunefolk Campaign) SCENARIO 7

Post by Inky » July 19th, 2018, 10:15 pm

Hey, finally got around to replaying up till scenario 4.

Replaying Scenario 1, I think it could use more dialogue to keep things interesting, since there's no combat. Maybe spread out Arakal and Sir Garan's conversation over several turns, or add some banter between them on later turns like how they're looking forward to going home or something.

Scenario 4 was more of a challenge, I ended up hiding in the starting keep for a bit letting the others maul each other :whistle:

Minor bug in how the objectives display: you should get rid of the [show_if] part of things like

Code: Select all

                        id=Sir Garan
                description= _ "Death of Sir Garan"
because what happens is at the very beginning when the objectives first pop up you don't have Sir Garan etc. yet so it won't show up. (If you check the objectives afterwards you'll see it though).

EDIT: played scenario 5 too. I ended up with 638 carryover gold, maybe there should be less villages or less turns (I finished in 27 turns).
Also when I started scenario 6 I had the Dwarvish runemaster and lorekeeper in my recall list, I assume they aren't supposed to be there.
TYK-Assault on Kal Karrag replay.gz
Scenario 5
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TYK-Valley of Masks replay.gz
Scenario 4
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TYK-Demons and Dirtgrubbers replay.gz
Scenario 3
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TYK-Rescuing The Survivors replay.gz
Scenario 2 (first combat scenario)
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